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  1. Selling gold depends on the jewelry or investing in gold bars. For jewelry, it is recommended to pass regular channels, such as the counter of Chinese gold; if you invest in gold bars, the original institutional sellers can recycle, such as banks. As a last resort, it is not recommended to sell gold to banknotes.
    If in the brand gold bars business of commercial banks, most of them have opened repurchase business, but after investors who invest in gold bars to buy these banks' brand gold bars, as long as the gold bars products meet the relevant repurchase conditions, they can be possible. Sales to banks.
    Pucting information:
    The conditions for each bank to repurchase gold products are different. Some banks only repurchase the gold sold by the bank, and some are recovered for all gold. Take Industrial and Commercial Bank of China as an example:
    The gold repurchase business of Industrial and Commercial Bank is recovered by suffering from all kinds of channels and gold products purchased by various channels. The transaction price is a real -time quotation repurchase, and the repurchase price is determined by minusing a certain repurchase price difference on the basic price of repurchase. The base price of the repurchase is set up by the bank's reference to the real -time transaction price of the Shanghai Gold Exchange AU99.99 contract.
    The golden range of repurchase: As long as it is repurchased by the color AU99.0 and above gold products. Met the timely: After the inspection, the repurchase funds will be received in real time. Detective transparency: The test process is transparent throughout the process, and the customer tracks throughout the process.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenIn general, gold can be sold for sales in banks, gold shops, pawnshops, etc. In addition, some small shops at the end of the street also have a discount to recycle gold, which can also be sold, but the relative exchange process is irregular, and the price may be relatively low.n387.07 yuan/gramnDo you have any other questionsnHope my answer can help younIf you are satisfied with my service, please give you a praise, trouble you, thank youn3 morenBleak

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