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  1. In the long run, the price of gold has always been rising, but in the short term, there are still rising and falling. Main factors affecting the price of gold:
    It dollar exchange rate: In gold investment, gold prices are usually negatively correlated with the exchange rate of the US dollar.
    geopolitical situations: During the period of war and political situation, economic development will be greatly restricted. Any local currency may depreciate due to inflation. At this time, the importance of gold was exerted. Due to the recognized characteristics of gold, it is an internationally recognized trading medium, at this moment, people will put their goals into gold. The snap -up of gold will inevitably cause the price of gold.
    The world economic situation: When the financial system of western powers such as the United States has an unstable phenomenon, world funds will be invested in gold, the demand for gold will increase, and the price of gold will rise.
    This information:
    gold (English: GOLD) is a chemical element, chemical symbol AU (from Latin: Aurum), atomic order 79. Pure gold is a metal with bright luster, red, soft, density, high density, and ductility. It is one of the rare, precious and extremely valued metals. At the same time, it is also an important material for the jewelry, electronics industry, modern communication, aerospace and air industry and other departments.
    Prior to the 19th century, the level of gold productive forces in human society was very low. Some people believed that in the history of thousands of years before the 19th century, the total gold produced by human beings was less than 10,000 tons, such as like In the 18th century, only 200 tons of gold was produced in 100 years.
    Due to the discovery of a series of gold resources in the 19th century, the gold output has been greatly improved since then, especially in the 50 years in the second half of the 19th century, the gold output exceeded the previous 5,000 years before Total amount. In 2013, the total gold output around the world was about 2,770 tons.
    "Analysis Report on the Organization of China's Gold Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning" shows that from April 2013 to mid -2015, the international gold price has been in a downturn after a sharp decline.
    From the perspective of the global economic situation, the world economic growth rate may rise slightly in 2015, but the overall recovery situation is difficult to significantly change. Large, there are still many uncertain factors. With the strengthening of the US dollar, the prices of large commodities such as gold, non -ferrous metals, and petroleum in 2015 were running low. The low price of gold prices in the next few years may become a "new normal".
    This of the Chinese market
    This on the listing of Shanghai Futures Exchange are gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, thread, wire, fuel oil, natural rubber and other ten futures contracts.
    The target is to build a major futures market with basic metals, precious metals, energy, chemicals and other major futures markets in the Asia -Pacific time zone to give full play to the function of discovering prices and avoiding risks in the futures market, and serving the national economic development. The transaction time, 9:00 in the morning to 11:30, 13:30 pm --- 15:00. : China Gold announced the latest gold product quality supervision and inquiry methods on the occasion of 315. Consumers can check the authenticity by scanning the database of the relevant national institution.

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