2 thoughts on “There is a place where Jilin Songyuan has recycled emerald Changchun.”

  1. Jilin Songyuan Changchun does not belong to the active city of jade transactions. At present, there are no exact institutions or individuals to recover emeralds. If there is no appropriate channel for shooting in reality, you can consider the transfer of the Internet. Baidu Post Bar: Emerald, Emerald Trading Bar, you can turn on the emerald transaction.

    The general steps are as follows:

    1, take the emerald to the natural light, take a few clear photos at multiple angles, measure the exact length and wide data, and the total weight, and the total weight, Attach a photo of the appraisal certificate, which is more convenient for transactions and saves a lot of explanations.

    2, go to Taobao to make a transaction link, and mark the price of your favorite (how to do the link to refer to the jade class, the links of others).

    3, and then post on Baidu, send a transaction post (also refer to other people's posts) attach the Taobao transaction link. If cost -effective, it is easy to achieve transactions smoothly, and it is also convenient for it to control prices.

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