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  1. As a Taobao super member, I need to answer this question. In the past years, I have bought the crown shop and hunting the red heart shop. As long as I look for it, I will find a lot of interesting things. I searched in the collection clip. Several shops that I think are pretty good, regardless of types, I hope everyone likes it.
    1. The tree is happy grocery store
    This shop is already a crown shop, mainly selling some enamel tableware, very cute, the price is also beautiful, very Japanese -style, it is suitable for winter to make a big big in winter The pot soup, gurgling and steaming, the family eats together to eat together, is it very good to think about it? The price ranges from about 20-200, and the cost performance is still very high.
    2, single snacks
    Oh, this is amazing, their family sells snack gift boxes, can be given to friends as gifts, friends who eat food must not be released. I have a look. They have a total of four products. It can achieve crown sales, which is quite powerful. Among the best -selling 76 yuan gift boxes, all of them are imported snacks, there are 20 kinds! You can also customize the greeting card, you can buy it directly to your birthday friends.
    3, Japanese beer wheat house
    This all sold in Japan, including beer, milk, fruit wine and the like. The biggest feature of their family is the super high value! I ca n’t help but have everything, and the price is not particularly expensive. You can buy some refrigerators at home, which can be used to entertain good friends. When you are in a bad mood, you can also take out a can. Drinking it, the mood suddenly got better!
    4, Qingdao Wenbo foreign trade jewelry wholesale
    cough, cough, you read it right, what I want to recommend is this jewelry wholesale store. Although I do n’t wear jewelry, I like to buy it. Some jewelry in the store is very beautiful, and the price is so cheap that it is doubtful. You will definitely question the quality. Rest assured that the girl in this shop has already bought it more than once. The quality is absolutely more than the price, and the money is worth it! In fact, the prices of several jewelry shops shipped from Qingdao from Qingdao are very beautiful, and I do n’t understand why. Interested friends can search for it by themselves. Remember to recommend it to me!
    Douban / public account: Pan Peii

  2. Today, I recommend a few more distinctive Taobao shops. It is a shop that I usually like to visit, and it will be more suitable for girls.

    The first name is Luan Studio, the name of Luan STUDIO. The gospel of the little girl.

    cotton clothing is a fake style of a sweater splicing hat. I personally like this fake The feeling of two pieces eliminates the troubles of matching. The cotton clothing is the kind of interval. It is not easy to run the cotton. When the cotton clothes are squeezed by the courier, it may be a bit stunned. When you receive it, you will be full of vitality.

    This cotton clothing is also a kind of thickness, and the decision is very warm. The length is a relatively normal one. 163 can be covered with PP. On the side, there is a small split on the side. The color of the color is also a tender bean green. The short bean paste green cotton jacket is paired with blue pants, and finally put on a pair of small leather shoes with black pile of socks. This set is fresh and cute, absolutely full.

    The second name is Hua Ji, the simpler, the more beautiful
    her clothes are very literary, and I feel that each set can be worn around the world Come.

    This suit is more suitable for girls with a slightly taller child. The grid is always the darling of the fashion industry, so In the girl's wardrobe, there must be a classic grid clothes, such as this long grid shirt jacket, which is simply wearing a white T -shirt, a pair of black pencil pants, and a wild canvas shoes. You can go out.

    or a pair of wide -leg pants with small leather shoes. In short, how this dress is good -looking.

  3. I believe that a very distinctive Taobao shop has a great daily visits. Everyone lives in a white horse prince and a white snow princess. Therefore, how attractive a distinctive shop is to others. Let ’s recommend a few very distinctive Taobao shops.

    1. Fashion trend men's clothing

    He even if the world is not good, I still hope that our generation, The spirit of wearing, warming, can keep the kindness in the bottom of your heart, take every step well. When a person's thoughts are not so strong enough that when you can fully put myself, you need to rely on another person who is stronger than himself. Maybe one day, the student will become his teacher's teacher. Yes, but in every stage of people who grow up, people need to find the index that knows more clever than themselves at that time. So this winter makes yourself warm and nice to yourself. Even if you wear the thickest point, you can wear your style, and you will be a better yourself.
    . The temperament uncle play trend
    In our era, looking at the face gradually became a kind of atmosphere, what ugly rejection, it is said that you are ugly, but everyone’s temperament’s temperament is It is unique. As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses to rely on the saddle. A good dress style can show your temperament. The characteristics of this shop are designed for boys around 170cm. Once the right match is not suitable, it will be compared with milk, which is embarrassing, and this shop is specially created the clothes of 170 boys and wear their own style.
    The image of a person absolutely determines the temperament. Even if you are not beautiful or handsome, but you can make yourself comfortable and comfortable to see, that is the real, true you.
    The ideal of one year, one month's ideal, even a day, one hour, one minute of ideal. A philosopher said that there was a lot of ways in the dream, and he woke up in bed. His image told us a road. People cannot lie in a dreamy ideal life. Be the best self, make yourself better, and you can cultivate your temperament. You can only become a desired self.

  4. There are too many special Taobao shops. When I worked, I used to give customers some small gifts because of the work. I found a small shop for bookmarks in Taobao. It was really amazing.

  5. "Different stationery in three years and two years"
    The stationery in this shop is super literary and artistic, many of which are also very great ~
    "Magic big cloth doll hat decoration palace princess legion store store "
    The name of this shop is also long, but the clothes are really good -looking, original custom ~

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