5 thoughts on “What platform is better to sell things live, please recommend recommendation”

  1. Although there are many live broadcast platforms, there are not many live broadcast platforms that sell well. As I know, I know Taobao, Mushroom Street, JD.com, and Jiubao live. I feel that there are still classifications on these live broadcast platforms. If you want to sell clothes and cosmetics, go to Taobao and Mushroom Street; if you want to sell electronic products, you can go to JD.com; if you want to sell jade jewelry, you can go to Jiubao live broadcast to watch it to watch Look. Every director, see what you want to sell.

  2. There are many live broadcasting platforms. There are many platforms that originally made e -commerce have increased live broadcasts, and the traffic is relatively large. However, the requirements for the anchors are relatively high, and fans need to reach a certain number.
    also some emerging platforms. They are purely a platform for live broadcasting and e -commerce, such as sufficient and red beans. I have experienced these two. It is better to do it and it is convenient to use. In fact, the key is that the anchor value is higher. Hahaha.

  3. The dispute mainly depends on what the landlord sells. Selling Japanese miscellaneous live broadcast is recommended to Taobao live broadcast, diet Ctrip live broadcast, jewelery and jade stones are recommended to Jiubao live broadcast, all of which are better in the industry.

  4. It is really a bit of popular live broadcast platform and can sell things. As far as I know, Red Bean Cape Live.
    What Taobao live broadcast, you have not appeared in vain.

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