4 thoughts on “Want to know: Where is the Kotang jewelry trading market in Haifeng County, Shanwei City? How to take a car from Dongguan Fenggang Bus Station? thanks

  1. You can see if there are any cars in Haifeng in the local station. If you have any, you will take the car of Haifeng directly to get off at Haifeng Station. You can take the bus or you can go to the Katang jewelry trading market! I am from Haifeng, and I am still familiar with this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKatang. I hope to help you! Intersection

  2. Haha, this is easy. In this way, you buy a bottle of water in the Shito shop and then ask the boss. Most of the people in the Cairo shop are all of our people. You ask him where to have a Haifeng car or Lufeng car. That's OK, there are all the places that pass by Haifeng. After asking, you have to make a phone call and ask the driver if you have passed by Haifeng.

  3. Take a car from the station to Haifeng Bus Station. There are cars from the station in the station, not far away, about ten kilometers. At least five dollars, I wish you good luck.

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