Why are the elderly so vulnerable to being fooled, especially those who are sold?

A "Judong Dan", known as the aphrodisiac, appeared frequently in the book evaluation machine, which attracted the attention of many elderly groups. After the purchase of thousands of elderly people, they realized that they were deceived.

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  1. Many elderly people have been deceived, mainly the following reasons:
    First, many elderly people have lived lonely at home for a long time, and their children rarely go home. It is particularly empty in spirit, and it is difficult to resist the scammers' sweet words and some little grace, because that makes them feel warm, and sometimes they know that they are wrong and they are lucky. The key is too lonely.
    Secondly, social development is particularly fast. Many elderly people cannot keep up with the current information era. Some scammers will use the characteristics of the elderly's information to occlude to perform fraud on the elderly. Essence Many elderly people can't keep up with the knowledge of the elderly, and it is easy to be deceived.
    third, many elderly people have been used to hardships in the past, people are simple and kind, but they like to be greedy and cheap. The scammers are particularly good at using this to cheat. Friends who pretended to be his son gave him some delicious foods every day, and finally cheated his pension money to buy insurance.
    Fourth, when the elderly are older, they especially hope that they are healthy and longevity and their families are safe. The scammers will use this to promote health care products to the elderly, which is so godly. In fact, there is no effect at all.
    The deceived elderly people are because their children are not around, and the limitations of the knowledge of the elderly, so they will be stared at by scammers.

  2. With the increase of age, the knowledge and information structure of the elderly obviously cannot keep up with the development of society. They do not know much about many complex phenomena in the society. The awareness response is slow, and the trustworthy words are favorable.
    It with less contact with the society, weakening the analysis and judgment ability, not easy to identify the increasingly refurbished scams, and are easily confused by crooked door evils. They often become the goal of criminal fraud.
    Is some elderly people are not stable enough after retirement or laid off. They often expect to have the opportunity to get rich accidentally. Therefore, it is easy to go to fake advertising and sales providers to lose money.
    It, with the gradual decline of the physical functions of the body and the increased illness, their uncertainty of life and fear of death will be enhanced. At this time, they will particularly superstitiously superstitiously "magical" therapies. In order to "do not get sick", some rivers and lakes use the psychology of some elderly people to deceive under the guise such as removing the disease and strengthening the body, and the remedy.
    In in his old age, he hopes to get more care, and once the intimate contact with his family and relatives is insufficient, in the face of the "care" olive branches handed over by strangers, it is difficult for the elderly to set defense and be deceived. easy. In many health products fraud, the scammer cares for the elderly and asks for warmth.
    It, the scammer lied through the phone and other means that he was the children and grandchildren of the elderly, and had a lot of money on the grounds that he encountered an emergency. The seemingly simple means, but because of the scammers who live alone and have less contact with their children and grandchildren, they are in a hurry and have succeeded.
    The form of fraud on the elderly has been changing. Under the background of prices and medical care, the sense of security of the elderly is reduced, and it is easy to fall into financing investment such as Xu Yili.
    Elderly people are the weakest groups to invest in wealth management risks, lack of investment and financial knowledge, narrow channels for obtaining market information information, coupled with soft ears and cheap love.
    The criminals use these "characteristics" of the elderly to set up investment and financial traps to seduce the elderly to be deceived.
    This scammers always give some benefits to the elderly first, for example, send small gifts to the elderly; hold health lectures for the elderly for free; Come on a large pile of diseases, sell medicine for them); entertain free meals for the elderly; lead the elderly to visit and visit some places.
    It's feelings closer to the elderly, and then give you a gentle knife and recommend drugs and health products to you, so there is no need to say that the price is expensive. Because the elderly accepted their Xiao En and Xiaohui, they were embarrassed to refuse the sales of scammers.
    Sometimes scammers also find some people to trust, let these entrustment first buy their products, and ask these entrustment to say good words for the product, to explain that the products they sell the goal of.
    Sometimes scammers sell products to some local elderly people at very favorable conditions, let these elderly people buy their products first, and let them promote the old people around them.
    . When the other elderly people see it, they will think in their hearts, others buy it, not afraid of being deceived, why should we worry about being deceived? In this way, scammers are more likely.

    Summary: The cause of this phenomenon is caused by physiological psychology and social factors.
    The uselessness, weakness, helplessness, and insecurity are all obvious signs of old age consciousness, and these characteristics give the scammers the opportunity to make the elderly the first choice for fraud.
    So when the elderly are deceived, they will not blame the victims. When the elderly around you encounter a scam, don't be furious and suddenly concluded: "The elderly love to be greedy and cheap!"
    The things are much more complicated than you think.

    The scammers will pay special attention to the elderly before they cheat.
    because of few new things they have in contact, the information they know is not comprehensive and the acceptance is low, and the learning ability is weak.
    Most of the elderly's vigilance, weak self -protection consciousness, lack of judgment of the rationality of the matter, often some low -end scams can turn their cheating groups.

    INT also reminds you of the elderly, do not believe in strangers, you can understand the scams commonly used by watching TV and other methods to improve the awareness of self -protection. The possibility of deception will also be reduced.

    Peoming now has experienced the sad days of sadness. But it has become their advantage of implementing scams.
    as to use the psychology of the elderly, they often take some code scanning gifts or free lectures to seduce the elderly. Many elderly people feel cheap after receiving gifts.
    will also publicize to other elderly people. The scammers use this situation to make momentum to reward the oldest people with the largest number of invitations. These old people who know nothing will fall into the trap of the scammers step by step.

    has to say that the scammers' means are all overwhelming, which is invincible. As middle -aged and elderly people, we must firmly believe that there is no free lunch in the world. Their purpose.
    In some decisions and then think twice. In case of being deceived, you must tell your children to take the initiative, don't conceal it deliberately.

    The world outside is so exciting that many young people want to go to big cities. When children go out to work, we only stay at home alone. I don't know who to talk about.
    The scammers can coquettish us. Some even visit the door for three days to visit us, cook and wash, and ask us to warmly ask us. It seems to treat us as a biological parent.
    But this is nothing more than we want to obtain our trust in order to implement the next sales and fraud.
    So we must brighten our eyes and distinguish them carefully, and we cannot be blinded by a moment of curiosity.
    The older the age, the more concerned about physical health, and most of the elderly are attached to health care. They firmly believe that these things can improve physical functions and improve physical conditions.
    It that here, I have to remind everyone not to trust the promotional routine of any health products, and health products cannot replace medicines.

  3. Hello, why do the elderly have been deceived repeatedly? There are a few reasons:

    The heavy health. The elderly worked hard for a lifetime, and in his later years, he wanted to have a good body, so he paid more attention to health care, and spent a lot of money in this regard. The scammers are grasping the psychology of the elderly, asking for warmth, magnifying the effects of health products, and treating it as a magic medicine that can cure all diseases. Some elderly people have little understanding of medical knowledge and lack awareness of prevention. Some of them murmured in their hearts, thinking that if it is effective, how can this opportunity miss.

    lack of professional knowledge. Many elderly people have a hobby after retirement. Collections such as calligraphy and paintings, souvenirs, because of their contact, many doors are unclear, and they do not know the actual value. Among them, there are many people who have given criminals. Criminals sold it at a high price and promised to return high. As a result, the income was not obtained, and the children complained that they did not listen to persuasion, and they were in a hurry to get angry to find someone.

    The scammers are cunning, and the number of tricks is many. Send a gift to the elderly, hold a health lecture, free medical examination, and free meals. The elderly accepts Xiao En and Xiaohui. The scammers are even more aware of it, and they continue to come in another way. Although the elderly have rich experience in life, because of lack of understanding of new things, it is easy to be "detoured" by new fraud.
    First of all, in terms of cognitive ability, when the elderly accept information, they often lack the spirit of critical. Usually what others say, they believe, especially from the "authority" expert. Therefore, health care products sellers often pull the flag of tiger leather trees, and ask some so -called experts to talk about the so -called "international leading theory" and "high -tech products". Of course, some elderly people are stubborn and are not easy to accept new information.
    Secondly, the information processing capacity of the elderly is relatively weak, especially when they suddenly get a lot of new information. Some health food sellers have seized this weakness of the elderly and bombarded them. "Experts" often talk about some professional knowledge that makes the elderly do not understand and do not understand. One -sided exaggeration of the dangers of some diseases, so that the elderly feel that the problem is serious.
    Third, the concept of the elderly is relatively heavy. Studies have found that the elderly have a strong self -esteem and love face than young people. They eager to get praise from others. Some elderly people think that I have participated in the activities of others and enjoyed the services provided by others. If you do n’t buy some home, you will not be in your heart. As a result, some sellers used this to win the elderly by Xiao En Xiaohui. Of course, this also has a certain relationship with the elderly because of its weak economic ability. There are also some elderly people who think that everyone believes that they do not believe that they are outdated. Under the influence of the psychology, they are deceived.
    The above is why the elderly introduced to everyone are easily deceived. The elderly should avoid being caught in the trap of others. It is better not to be greedy and cheap. It is best not to be greedy.
    Elastic people are easily deceived

  4. The reason why the elderly are easily deceived by medicine is: expectations for efficacy.
    The reason for buying is because of the effect of achieving the effect, so you will buy these medicines.
    On the other hand, the professional knowledge of these medicines does not know enough.
    The elderly because of their age, the understanding of things and the decline in learning ability, it is easy to be confused by these fascinating false information.
    It is indispensable because the elderly have money and do not have a lot of economic burden.
    I people to age, no pressure to make money, more about the age of enjoying blessings, you can spend a certain amount to buy what you want. If you have no money, you will not be deceived.
    All in all, the elderly are easy to be deceived and require more care of the family. After all, there are examples of the elderly to communicate with others to be voluntarily deceived.

  5. A scam such as "Phasee Dan" really has been repeatedly banned. It seems that the elderly were cheated when they were old.
    So this is not only a question worthy of reflection, but also a matter of attention. Why is scammers who can get water in front of the elderly and deceive themselves.
    The deepest memory is a deceived case in 2020. Ms. Hu's 80 -year -old father spent 800 yuan to buy a so -called Japanese imported "massage device" because of trustworthy women who came to the house. As a result, this massage was actually a three -free product and could not be used at all. Ms. Hu said that his father's pension was less than 2,000 yuan per month. He usually saved it and learned that he cried for a long time after being cheated.
    has to say that the scammers' scams are endless, and the tricks make you unable to fight at all. So why is the elderly always stared at and locked, and the success rate will be so high? The reason is the following.

    1. Most elderly people have weak awareness of anti -fraud, and their ability to prevent fraud is not strong.
    TO many elderly people still have no light cars like young people, not just mobile phones, not only mobile phones, but many things are updated fast. The elderly will cause knowledge and conscious faults for their own reasons.
    . The scammer can cheat the characteristics of the elderly. Under the rhetoric of the scammers, the ability to judge the elderly is originally low, so it is taken for granted the deception.
    2. The lack of patience companionship of children
    This should really criticize every child, because there are not many people who are carefully accompanied by the elderly, let alone the in -depth life of the elderly. Understanding. For example, I will sometimes ask me some questions about mobile phones, but I will be impatient, but I know that this attitude is wrong.
    The scam gangs will capture the characteristics of these elderly people unattended to accompany their emotional emptiness, and specifically design the fraud routine. If you think about your children ignored you, but an outsider will be warm to you, you will definitely be very moved, so the chance of being cheated will rise. Remember that in the TV series "All Good", Su's father was deceived by a nanny. I can imagine how much an old man wants to have warmth.
    3, greedy cheap
    This may be the commonality of many elderly people. Because many of the elderly in life have gone through material shortages, they will be particularly saved with life, but this advantage has become the advantage of scams for scammers. Liar will use this psychology to create various scams, such as sending eggs, gifts, and free lessons. Many elderly people are free when they hear it and feel that they can take advantage. The scammers gradually let the elderly fall into the scam where they are prepared.
    4, physical disease is actually the biggest factor

    above several tricks, scammers still have a leakage fish. But as long as the scams with physical diseases, the old man really cheats and one. Many elderly people now have some diseases, such as cerebral infarction, hypertension, myocardial infarction, and cancer.
    A scammers will promote their good medicines for these diseases, and scammers will conduct related training for these diseases, making them very professional. The elderly think that this is a regular medicine and will buy it.
    Actually, the elderly do n’t cheat, and have a great relationship with our children and juniors. If our consciousness can always surround the elderly, they will reduce the possibility of being cheated. But this is because of the lack of this emotion that scammers can be organic.

    So I know the reason why the elderly is deceived. It is better to accompany them, communicate more, and take care of them carefully. Then, the trust of the elderly in the family will increase. The scammers can be found without gap.

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