What are the best jewelry of DNF Fan? What attributes are they?

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  1. They are hunting. How does 12 compared to 13, the higher the attack, the better. It is not a comparison attack of level 50 and 55 weapons 12 13.
    It if you want to output maximum equipment, it costs a lot of money.
    sm weapon should not be hunting, choose 55 pink or 55 sea gods. Among them, the Helbing plus first -class double eagle, the double eagle is the most powerful skill to brush the picture. The 55 fan is high in the basic attack power. Secondly, it is strengthened 13. It must be that 55 powder is higher. Although the attributes are not suitable for brushing, the output is high. For the maximum output, first of all, the weapon selection strengthens the 55 left wheel or 50 ~ 55 epic left wheels.

    The anti -armor to inherit the leather armor cover, do not wear lit. The attributes of the luminis seem to be added, but it is not suitable for brushing, because the roaming brushing the picture requires power, and the luminous light does not add strength. The 55 inheritance can add 100 to 200 or more physical attacks to you.

    The jewelry, the ring must be bone ring, this is not nonsense.

    The necklaces are swaying and not nonsense.

    The bracelets are better at present, but if they are pursuing stability, choose a sorrowful bracelet. I heard that the sorrowful jewelry in Hanbok can be upgraded and increased attributes. I do n’t know if it is true and false, but many veterans say that the jewelry that is relatively stable is still sorrowful.

    The title select the title of this National Day gift package, increase skills, and increase strength.

    Pet white rabbit, increasing attack power.

    The fashion shoes choose power, clothes are casual, you can choose the left wheel proficient in something, choose the most commonly used.

    Then there is enchanting, clothes power card, crit card.
    Ovoles of weapon attachment.
    The attribution of decorative attachment of magic fire.

    In the strength of the potion and the critical strike potion, there is no picture that you can't brush.
    This things are all about money. It is not only a matter of money. Some even have no goods. For example, if the enchantment does not receive it, even if the enchantment is not strong. Except for enchantment, these equipment brushing output is already very high.

  2. The three -piece set is either three sorrows, or Tyra. It depends on what profession you are and what you do. The three pieces of brushing the Magic Road in Anhui District are now Hanick's teeth, sorrow bracelets, epic and eloquent rings, plus 12 epic brooms. There is just a stove in seconds.

  3. As you can, the three -piece jewelry set is used in the transition phase. Do not need to be too tangled. In the later period, the jewelry class is mainly to rely on the Worry -Worrying BOSS, and in addition, it is based on treasure detection and treasure detection points.

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