The specific process of jewelry polishing

Can anyone tell me the process of jewelry polishing? Specific steps ~

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  1. 1. First of all, rough throws. Rough polishing is to throw off the soda marks, clamp marks, diamond marks, burrs, and black oxide layers left on the surface of the jewelry metal bracket. Make the lines smooth. However, it is not too large and polished. For example, leaving a depression on the surface of the jewelry bracket will be difficult to restore its appearance. Rough throw is the basis of medium and fine throws. If it is not required, it will affect the later polishing, which will directly affect the quality of the jewelry.

    . Then turn on the polishing motor, and use the motor axis to rotate the dripper to polish the bristles (ancestral brushes). After the brush is tightened Things) Apply on the brush to polish.

    3. The brush is mainly polished on the countertops, main and auxiliary stones, and flower jewelry, as well as the outside of the ring, and the outside of the ring should be polished and polished. During the operation, the first thing to pay attention to is to evenly polish the wax on the brush. The polishing force should be appropriate. It cannot cause excessive force to cause jewelry deformation, paw, loose claws, or even stones. There are still residual marks, abrasions, etc. All jewelry should be polished thickly, and the polishing should be repeatedly polished.
    4. If you polish the ring, you should also use the inner ring of the polished rings with a pill core rod. Select the appropriate velvet rod as required. Before polishing, you must apply a green polished wax to the rings. When throwing, pay attention to the contact surface of the villuk core and ring, that is, the ring cannot be put in the pill core stick too deep, and keep the polishing contact surface of 1/3 of the inner ring arc. The polishing angle surface is too small, and the work efficiency is low; the contact surface is too large, and it is very inconvenient to change the polishing level. Moreover, due to the large friction resistance, it is difficult to get stable and polished. The shape of the ring or jewelry.

    5. Pay attention to the brush and cloth wheel wax on the rough polishing, but you cannot apply too much on the wax to avoid the polishing wax rubbing and the fever will be melted on the surface of the jewelry, and cover the jewelry to cover the jewelry The various traces and numbers on the surface will affect the quality of the thick polishing of the jewelry, and bring difficulty to the fine polishing, and even lead to a re -throw.

    6. The polishing method of polishing operators will also affect the polishing quality. If the polishing operation method is incorrect, it is impossible to throw the jewelry. Generally speaking, when polishing, try to make the jewelry parallel with the polished cloth wheels, hold the jewelry with both hands and move the direction of the cloth wheel from top to bottom. Polishing must uniformly complete the nationwide of the jewelry at one time, and each part must be thrown in place. The polishing method is incorrect, and the polished jewelry is easily taken off by bombing on the polishing wheel of high -speed flying. For example, the polished jewelry is small (such as chest pendant and earrings), you can prepare a hook made of a metal wire, keep the jewelry polishing in the left hand, and prevent jumping polishing and forcelessness when polishing. If there is a jumping phenomenon, it may be that the polishing wheel is not in the axis heart, or the polishing cloth wheel may not be round. It is more likely to be a gesture problem. Finding the reason is to solve the problem.

    7. Some of the more difficult alloy jewelry, because the metal toughness of making jewelry is lit with a soft metal, and it is not easy to lighten the surface of the metal. Requirements, such as platinum jewelry as much as possible, the method of polishing is basically the same as rough throws. It still uses a brush and yellow cloth wheel to polish. (It is aluminum -containing oxides). Mid -polishing is to operate according to the method of rough polishing, and polishing the jewelry from beginning to end.

    8. After any jewelry is rough, fine polishing must be performed in order to make the surface of metal jewelry stronger. The fine throw is further polished on the basis of thick and medium throw, making the surface of the jewelry more flat and more flat. , Smooth, achieve the mirror reflective effect. However, its polishing and rubbing contact surface is small. When polishing, not only is small and uniform, but must be fully polished on the surface of the jewelry. The specific method is to use a fine white cloth and red polishing wax. , Then polish the side of the jewelry, the corner. If you polish the ring, apply red wax on the ring rod on the ring rod to the inner circle of the ring. Then, the positive flower shoulder of the polishing ring finally polished the sides and outer circles of the jewelry.

    9. Jewelry jewelry is polished by thick polishing, medium polishing and fine polishing. It should be said that the surface of the jewelry can reach the level of smoothness. But sometimes because of the rough grinding, there are still large traces and scratches on the surface of the jewelry. It is difficult to remove it by polishing. There is also the tattoos that are drained under the surface of the jewelry during polishing, which not only affects the smoothness of the jewelry but also affects the quality of the jewelry. After scanning sandpaper, then polishing. There is a hemp point on the surface of the jewelry. It must be replenished.

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