I dreamed of walking into a grave last night, and I saw a lot of gold and jewelry in it.

2 thoughts on “I dreamed of walking into a grave last night, and I saw a lot of gold and jewelry in it.”

  1. Alas, you dreamed of shit. Essence Very good, if it is gold and jewelry, you may break your fortune at home. I suggest you go to see the cracked method in Zhou Gong's dream interpretation. This kind of thing is better to be credible and not credible. Hope to adopt

  2. Dream comes from your life, your thoughts, your desire, your fear, your longing, your happiness, your sadness ... Dream is closely related to your real life and your subconscious. Dream is the enlarged subconscious and psychological activities, not the ghost and god hints of the so -called dream interpretation master.
    Correct dream interpretation, you need to understand more information about the dream, understand your inner world and living environment, and according to the information of a sentence, it is difficult to give the correct dream interpretation. Therefore, I will solve it.
    In this dream:
    This psychological hint is a place that is rare, or hints as horrible and dangerous places;
    R n You dreamed that you walked into the grave and found a lot of gold and jewelry.
    Men dreams, you have thought in your heart, in accordance with your own methods or methods, without knowing it, get a huge wealth, and completely change your status quo of life.
    Dreaming and disappointment. You are not willing to be mediocre. You want to make your life glorious through your own efforts, but you think this needs to pay for ordinary people to imagine or accept the hardships.

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