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  1. How to grow taller 1. Diet reasonable, appropriately bask in the sun. The intake of food must not only maintain a balance with the consumption of daily life, but also meet the needs of growth and development. Therefore, a sufficient and reasonable diet must be arranged. Among them, protein is the essential nutrients of the body, with high protein content of eggs, meat, fish, and dairy products. It should be selected every day to ensure supply. In addition, calcium supplement is also very important, because calcium is the main component of bones and an indispensable inorganic salt in the growth and development process. Proper sun exposure can promote the absorption of calcium. 2. Make sure you sleep. Successful sleep is very helpful for the height of the human body, because growth hormone is generally the highest secretion two hours after falling asleep, and the third hour secretion decreases. At other times of sleep, there will be a second peak, and the growth hormone secretion is very small when waking up, so if you want to grow taller, you must ensure sufficient sleep. 3. Strengthen physical exercise. Life lies in exercise, height development is closely related to movement. Proper exercise can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, promote metabolism, so that the cartilage has sufficient nutrition and grow strong, thereby accelerating the growth of bones, and naturally, it will grow higher. Such as running, playing, drooping, swimming, skipping rope, etc., try not to do weight exercises as much as possible. 4. Keep mentally happy and reduce mental stress. 5. Properly supplement vitamin minerals. 6. You can go to the hospital to check whether the bone cable has been closed. If it is not closed, it is more likely to grow taller; vice versa. 1. Balanced diet can use cream or other edible oils, jams, sugar and other high -fat, high -sugar foods to increase calories. Although the weight gain is relatively fast, long -term or excessive consumption will destroy appetite and may bring chronic chronic Disease is endangered. Using a balanced diet and gradual increased food volume to avoid obsessive supply and destroy appetite. 2. Develop good dietary habits regular and quantitative, eat a small amount, chew slowly. 3. Change the food for meals to eat foods with high concentration and high nutritional density, and then eat other foods. 4. Choose moderately cooking foods to choose moderate cooking foods, such as: steaming, stewing, halogen, fried, cooking, and cooking. Avoid fried, fried, roasted, etc. The food is hard and difficult to digest. 5. Keep your mood happy, arrange a good dining environment, and concentrate on spiritual meals. Tension and anxiety not only affect appetite, but also the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract is not good, and the metabolic rate is improved relatively much calories. If there is still no way to improve your long and thin body, it is recommended that you still ask a professional doctor to help you find the reason why the flesh can't grow, and use a healthy way to grow and healthy meat! Getting fat can consider milk, almonds, sesame, cashew fruit and other foods. You can add almonds and sesame powder to milk to drink, and cashew fruit can be eaten as snacks, which will have a good effect. In the population distribution structure of society, insufficient weight is also a very common group. It's just that under the current wave of weight loss, those who weigh lightly are the objects of envy by ordinary people. However, in fact, those with insufficient weight are prone to symptoms such as malnutrition, prone to fatigue, depression, and muscle loss. In severe cases, the immune force will become poor and easy to get sick, especially for the elderly with chronic diseases, it will also increase the chance of complications and healing. ◎ The significance of gaining weight to gain weight is not the same as gaining weight. Because the names of "gaining fat", as the name implies, increase the fat ratio of body tissue, and "weight gain" should also cover the growth of muscle tissue in addition to the increase in fat. I think you should ask "gain weight" rather than "gain weight"? Intersection The weight of the human body is roughly from bones, muscles, fat, water, and other internal organs. The meaningful "weight gain" should focus on the increase in the proportion of muscles and fat. So how do we carry out the body's transformation project? The answer is still "diet" and "sports"! In terms of diet, high protein and high -calorie diet are the only way to gain weight. Concentrated protein and high -calorie foods, such as heavy cheese cakes, small west dots, small cakes, etc., a small number of more meals and after meals supplement the papaya enzymes or integrated enzymes to increase food digestion and absorption. ◎ The selection of protein selection of excellent protein sources, such as eggs, milk, meat, poultry, etc., accounting for more than half of the total daily protein quality. Plant protein is used to separate the extracted soy protein powder, which will be better, because the plant fiber that hinders absorption is missing. As for the way to eat meat or drink milk? Those who pay efficiency can try to drink high -protein milk powder (such as San Duo milk protein), which will be higher than that of ordinary milk and meat. ◎ The choice of sugar in sugar is also an important part. Choose foods with high starch, such as white earthen sides, steamed buns, rice, sweet potatoes, taro, pumpkin, etc. When cooking, you can add some malt paste (generally so -called corn hydrolyzing starch in soup or fruit juice and milk (generally so -called corn hydrolysis) to increase the calorie intake. ◎ Select the fat part of fat, and you can use the medium -chain fatty acid (MCT) with better absorption and utilization rate to increase the intake of concentrated heat. Pure medium -chain fatty acids (MCT) need to be used with general oils because they do not contain "fatty acids". It is recommended to use medium -chain fatty acid products (eg, three high thermal energy) that have mixed fatty acids, to avoid the lack of fatty acids. It is generally recommended that chain fatty acids accounted for total oil use, and the provider of the provider of the 6 answers: Yiwu Jiujiu Jiejiu Trading Co., Ltd. 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