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  1. The bridge of the nose is straight but does not look good, but it makes people feel that her entire side lines are very soft, and her eyes and corners of the mouth show a perfect arc. They are also golden inlaid with jade and agate, with gorgeous and exquisite clothing on the body, the whole person is noble.
    Themailing on the body with a piece of white with a purple roller, put on a purple gauze, and a peacock was lying in the flower with a golden thread behind the back.
    On the bright yellow clothing, the golden thread is embroidered, and a phoenix fluttering in the winged wings in the front and back is soaring in the body. The ground (colorful 着) pressed on the hem. Baihua ball between the cuffs and the elbow is also embroidered with color stones. On the suit, she immediately flashed an extremely expensive. Papeded with the golden silk jade belt. Shuangfeng Dongzhu Xiaxiao was in front of him.
    The rounded bead pendant hanging neck, a pair of crystal beaded skewers, hair combir flowing clouds, and the golden bird pearl flowers in the middle of the golden bird pearl flower. The three -branches of golden lady are dressed in Guizhong Hanjiao, and in Central China and the demon.
    is the most prosperous suit. There are twelve chapters embroidered on the clothes. The tops embroidered with six chapters of the sun, moon, stars, mountains, dragons, and Chinese insects. Mi, 黻, 儿, Shier Daoyuzhu is a cricket, which is more and more beautiful.
    The clothing clothes, the dynasty is prosperous, the twelve chapters of the clothes are embroidered on the clothes, and the top of the top has six chapters of the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountain, the dragon, and the Chinese insects. , 黼, 黻, Shier Daoyuzhu is a 旒, and the first Shengsu Xu Rizhui shines.
    The girl who appeared in front of everyone was a girl with a blue gauze. She was a female official costume. Xuan Hua just feels like a shock in his heart, and dare not see it. The girl’s skirt raised with the wind, light down from the ship’s side, and the gauze was like a smoke, as if it was dissolved in the clear water and sunny days. She blinked, and then smiled at the emperor. The eyes are gentle.
    The head combs flying flowers, with several gem flowers, dressed in Yunjin Qiang color, exposing a delicate and white skin between the neck, dizzy under the light. With the moon -colored palace skirt, the small red crystal three or two makeup points are at the folds, and the flowers are clustered and pleasing to the eye.
    The head on the head of the head is shaken, and the bead jade is like a star in the sky. A brocade red bumpy pattern coat is covered with a black gauze shirt in the inside.
    The palace skirt in the left 裾 uses bright red and embroidered thick satin with a little bead jade inlaid on it, and the crown of the beads is simply brilliant.
    . She wore a pink silk forging with hibiscus flowers. The following long skirt with the same color, her hair was held on the right, and she did not wear too many jewelry, just two or three beads, just two or three beads Just flowers. The appearance is very dignified, but the eyebrows are always charming.
    A palace makeup beauty wearing tender yellow dress came in. Her black hair was combed into a stack of clouds, and she pulled up layer by layer. She was piled up in the right rear of the head like a cloud, and one or two small pearls was fixed in the middle of each layer. Then inserted the roots of the phoenix at the top, and the long gem tassel was lowered in Fengkou. Both ears fall, and the skin is as white as jade. Under a long pair of slender willow eyebrows, a pair of water -like single phoenix eyes, Zhu Lips slightly opened, shell teeth are white. What a picture of picturesque! When she approached, a faint fragrance drilled into her nose.
    . She seemed to be a young girl, but she combed the hair style of the married woman. A plain dress with no decoration on her head, but she was so simple, but she set off her natural beauty, with picturesque. I saw her grab the skirt in her hand first, then supported the car with the other hand, and jumped off the car sharply. When she put down the skirt, she also laughed and complained that the skirt she picked her was too long. Several rays of sunlight sprinkled on the young woman through the leaves, reflecting the brilliant smile than spring flowers, with a little naughty, and looked at the green girl.
    This with red agate ground pupae, ruby ​​inlaid with ground flowers, and earrings with small finger -sized pigeon blood rosses on their ears. Wearing a red dress, a red ribbon with a waist, and a red boot. Every detail from head to toe is flame -like red. It is extremely eye -catching in the night and the surroundings of black. She jumped down from the horse’s back, and the fluttering ears of the red belt, together with her braids that made a ponytail, jumped in the night sky and fell, seeing so fresh and gorgeous. Looking at her with a brisk step, she walked towards me with a smile on her lips. With her rosy cheeks and bright eyes, everything on her body was full of the breath of life and enthusiastic life
    , Lip looks like a dan, a black hair combed into a new vertical cloud, plugged in a pair of Yunnan red phoenixes, and the ears were dangling in the ears. With her movement, the pendant gently shaking it. Essence Wearing a red palace dress, the exquisite hundred butterflies embroidered with purple gold silk wearing flowers, which is more lined with plumpness and gorgeous light.
    . She is a silver -white skirt with a dark silver -white stuck on the magnolia. Put a pearl flower with a pearl. The daisy eyebrows like Yuanshan, the exquisite jade nose, and the clever cherry lips, a pair of autumn water eyes are flowing, and look forward to the gods. She is indeed a rare beauty, not only exquisite features, but also the wealthy and gorgeous that is more rare than the concubines of the harem. She has more elegant and moving style.
    It today wearing a red dynasty in the embroidered colorful golden phoenix, wearing a exquisite tired silk titles of gold and phoenix, the twelve phoenix tails fixed the buns firmly into the style of the sky. Highly up, there was a exquisite and rich and rich in the phoenix’s mouth. There were three bunch of pearls hanging underneath. Towards the forehead, it exudes a soft light, which turned out to be three night pearls. The end of the phoenix crown is dazzling.
    The simple sky blue embroidered dark flowers, only a side tail fine phoenix on the head, the colorful gemstone’s phoenix tail tails the hair neatly, and several bead flowers have been on the side. It is made of large pearls. The most strange thing is that every bead exudes a faint blue fluorescent, and it also exudes this glory on the clothes. Generally, bright and moving.
    This with a golden puppet butterfly bartender is inserted on the head, and a bead flower with silver -mosaic gemstones, a pair of small pearl pendants hanging on the two ear beads. Wear a red satin with a red satin vest, with exquisite rolling edges on the cuffs and plackets. The lower body is a green yellow cotton skirt, a pair of thick red shoes on the feet, with embroidered silk pads in the hand, wearing the left hand in the left hand, the middle finger of the left hand is worn Wearing a ruby ​​ring.
    The upper body is only a light green and short top. In the perfect exposure of the body, there are bronze arms and abdomen. The pants are tightened at the ankle, and the ankles are embellished with huge glazed and colorful jade. The small feet are exposed outside, wearing a pair of grass -edited sandals, and walking on the pavement of yellow sand lightly. From the arm to the wrist, the layers of layers of bracelets cover almost all the exposed skin, and even the waist is used with red yarn, wearing large and small jade strokes, and the neck is surrounded by a few laps on the neck around the neck. The large golden chain of the golden sycomatic leaves on the earlobe, the huge golden sycomatic leaf -shaped earlores on the earlobe to the nose. A few slices of good workmanship are hanging on the silver chain, reflecting the glory of the sun! A pink light yarn blocked most of the face, only a pair of smart eyes.
    This green silk full of crescent hair buns, obliquely inserted three -handed golden concubine glazed glazed, and outlined long eyebrows, the eyebrows were painted into the tail, the eyes of the autumn water turned, and the Yingying was tears with tears. The skin is very white, the face is bleak, and the red plum blooming on the forehead brings a little anger.
    The pink brocade, full of golden embroidery, embroidered with clusters of peach blossoms, a full -sized spring intention. Between the two eyebrows, a grain of water -shaped colorful glazed glazed, under the Yangzuan, glowing with gorgeous light, the golden chain tied to the glazed, hidden behind the bun, but there are still several cut -out golden leaves hanging down. It is noble.
    The moon white skirt with a narrow sleeve purple clothing with a dense and dense and dense and crisp beads. The neckline and skirt are embroidered with small broken white pear flowers. Kaoru.

  2. The mules are divided into three types: phoenix, Manchu, and semi -钿. It is made of black velvet and satin, and is decorated with silver or copper wire, or decorated with beads. “Generally, women are mostly made of copper or iron wire into” hair support “. There are three types of dumplings: phoenix, Manchu, and semi -钿. Wrapped it on it, and then plugged in flats, mules, flowers and other accessories
    簪 簪 is an indispensable jewelry for Manchu women to comb into various hair buns. Usually Manchu women like to insert gold, silver, pearl jade on the buns , Agate, Coral and other precious materials made of large -scale digging earrings, small digging earrings, beads and flowers, crushing buns, corders, and faucet. Everyone’s conditions and identities are determined. For example, before the person is closed, Nurhachi’s Fujin and Zhu Beller’s Fujin and Gege are the best materials for making hair accessories. Replacement of pearls.
    The is comparable to pearls include gold, jade, etc. are superior materials, in addition, gold plating, silver or copper -made, gem emerald, coral ivory, etc. Above it, if this is compared with the entrance, it will look much simpler. After entering the customs, due to the influence of the Han women’s headdress, the Manchu women, especially the palace ladies . For example, in the sixteenth year of Qianlong (1751), when the Emperor Qianlong held sixty longevity for his mother, the names of only a variety of mules were dazzling in the Gongbu Life Ceremony.绵, Jingfu Chang Mianzhang, Ri Yongqin Shu, Sun and Moon Rising Wanshouzhu, Renfeng Pu Fan, Wannian Ji Qingzhang, Fanghuji Ruibian Flower (Flower), Yaochi Qingfeng Flower, Xichi Xianshou Shou Shou Shou Shou Shou祝, Wannian Song Zhuzhu, Tianbao Yiyi, Qingyun embraced the blessing, the green snow and the fragrant 簪 … and so on. These buns are undoubtedly the top grade of excellence in terms of materials and production.
    It’s decoration left by the concubine left by the concubine in the Qing Dynasty, there are two types of 簪. One is practical 簪, which is mostly used for fixing buns and head shapes. The materials are made into exquisite patterns, which are specially used for buns and sorting out in obvious positions. Many court real paintings collected in the Forbidden City are depicted by the concubines. From the picture, they have Wear the crickets in the middle of the bun, and some are placed on the roots of the buns. The concubines are covered with jewelry, but the buns are the best among them. , The production process is also very particular. Often, a whole piece of emerald, coral crystal, or ivory make a pupae and needle is the most precious. For example Made of sheep fat and white jade, 玉 梃 is the last stroke of the birthday. The emerald plate intestines and coral bats carved with the same method are all good works in the decoration. In addition The magpie has attracted much attention to the sculpture and exquisitely clear and exquisite. There are also heads inlaid with various pearls of jewelry gems on the golden bottom. It still has the sense of richness and luxury. As the concubine style of the Qing Dynasty gradually widen and enlarged, the shape of the decoration gradually developed towards two extremes, one is the gradually becoming smaller. Such as pimple needles, ear -digging spoons, old crow scoops, etc.; The other is that the decoration is getting bigger and bigger, not only suitable for Manchu women to comb the characteristics of two large heads covered with large heads, but also gradually evolved into large jewelry such as head flowers and flat squares.
    The head is worn on the head as jewelry, which not only plays the role of beautiful jewelry buns. As far as the decoration left by the concubine of the Qing Dynasty, there were many forms and the wide range of patterns. A deformed bead “Boy Newspaper Ping An”, which was exhibited in the Treasure Museum, is a rare treasure. The head is a large malformed pearl, about five centimeters long, and it looks like a urchin is dancing. On the left side of the malformed beads, a treasure bottle carved with a sapphire, and a few thin red coral branches set off a “An” word. Behind the urchin, the golden handle is connected to the treasure bottle, and the golden ganoderma Ruyi head is exposed to the right side of the puppet. It is a boy from the decoration of the urchin. The entire Ruyi is called together. It is “the boy reports peace”, or “the boy is good and safe”. The moral ethics of the feudal society pay attention to the “three outlines and five constants”, that is, the monarch is the minister, the husband is the wife, and the father is the son. Of course, the emperor’s wife and concubine use the emperor as the outline, to be a child of the royal family, and “more blessings and more children and grandchildren”, so that the royal blood veins are strong. Saying. However, the facts are not so good. The 35 sons of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. There were twenty -four people who grew up. The two emperors of Tongzhi and Guangxu in the late Qing Dynasty, the queen, and concubine, but had no children, which caused her mother Cixi to listen to politics twice, and ruled China for half a century.
    Cixi also loves beauty, and loves gorgeous clothing all his life, especially peony, butterflies such as ruby, red coral, emerald and other textures. In the eleventh year of Xianfeng, Yiyi died of a summer villa in Chengde. Cixi became a widow at the age of 27. According to the customs of the Manchu, his wife should wear filial piety for her husband and release for 27 months. The sister -in -law on the head should wear osteogenesis or light silver. Cixi’s ordered office to make a batch of silver, gray white jade, agarwood and other heads. In February of the first year of Tongzhi, these plain jewelry was sent to Cixi. Cixi barely inserted every day, very reluctant. At the expiration of the interpretation period, all these jewelry were hit into the cold palace. Cixi put on exquisite and luxurious gorgeous heads until the old age did not change.
    The concubine has seasonal nature, wearing golden puppets in winter and spring, and replaced the golden puppets on the day of the summer. Until Lidong changed to food buns again. Ms. Yude Ling, who had been a female translator next to Cixi in the late Qing Dynasty, recalled: April 24, 1903, was Lixia. “Everyone has to replace the golden puppet and wears Yuyu on this day.” In this foot, Cixi gave Yude Ling’s mother, sister and her a jade puppet. “The queen queen picked a beautiful one for my mother, and said that this puppet had three queen worn and picked two more. The branch is very beautiful to give our sisters one each, saying that the two are one pair, one of which is often worn by the Empress Dowager, and the other is worn by herself when he was young. ” At the end of the Qing Dynasty, most of the concubines were the relics passed down from the ancestors. The concubines in the palace regarded the treasure. Cixi asked her favorite people to reward arbitrarily without restraint. But he hated Emperor Guangxu for a jade, and he would not understand until he died. After the failure of the Reform in the late Qing Dynasty, Cixi imprisoned Guangxu. One day Queen Longyu went to see Guangxu, and Guangxu was extremely disgusted. Although he and Long Yu were nominal husband and wife, the couple did not have a lot of love. Therefore, as soon as Guangxu saw Longyu, he was disgusted and even breathless. The arrival of Long Yu, Guangxu didn’t want to see it. He even said that “kneel on the knees!” Long Yu was very annoyed and deliberately pretended not to hear. Seeing that she didn’t leave, she was so angry that her hands trembled, making her whole effort to push her out. I didn’t expect that she was too hard and encountered the jade puppet on Longyu’s bun. Jade pupa fell to the ground and crushed immediately. This jade was the relic of Qianlong. It was passed on to Cixi, and she gave Long Yu again. Seeing this, he cried immediately and told Cixi. Cixi was furious and hated Guangxu in his heart. Since then, he sent people to strictly care for Guangxu, send rice, and send cool soup. Political differences make the relationship between Cixi and Guangxu like a stranger, and a jade cricket has become the fuse of their mother and son’s thoroughly break. Guangxu’s early death has also become a historical necessity.
    In the folk, in general, the wealthy family uses jade quality, and the poor family uses bone. For ordinary people to marry a daughter, silver sister -in -law is also essential. Because of the more valuable items accompanied by, women are very cherished, and some have not lost their lives for a lifetime. However, most of the beef used in folk is mostly bone, so people are always used to calling it “bone mule”. Barrier is generally three or four inches long, and there are longer, but very little. The head of the ravioli is thin, and there is a round bump at the tail. The head is easy to insert into the bun, and the small bumps at the tail can make it firm. There is also a kind of flat mule, with thick two ends, thin in the middle, mostly silver and copper. The two sides of the flat buns are divided into anyway. The front is decorated with flowers and grass leaves and auspicious patterns. Flat buns have very obvious decorative significance, fixed hair, sparkling. Barrier is an indispensable decoration that many ethnic groups of women when modifying their hair. It is a valid for women’s fixed hair and hairdressers. This is the main reason for its unsuitable for thousands of years.
    This flowers are jewelry developed from . It consists of two parts: flower head and needle. Since the Manchu women’s hair style develops from the soft wings to the two heads, it becomes a shelf head, and finally produces large wings, and the hair style on the head is getting wider and wider. So a large headwear -head flower -the head of the head came into being. Most of the head flowers are raw materials for pearls and gems. Therefore, a stable support is needed, that is, some corresponding changes have been made on the basis of 簪. For example, a cross -shaped horizontal support is welded at the top of the needle, and the main body of the head of the head at the cross and vertical dots. The decorative effects of flowers and plants, birds, beasts, butterflies, and Jixiang Xiangfu surrounded by the main body. In this way, it is obvious that the main relationship of the composition is obvious, but also the head flower of the raw material itself reasonably shared the tolerance. When the Manchu woman combed her hair, she worn the big flowers in the middle of the two heads. It was called the head of the head. There were also two ends of the two heads that were divided into two heads of the same color and shape.
    In addition to the flag head and sister -in -law, the Manchu women also generally like to decorate flowers on the buns, and wearing huge flowers on the head has always been the traditional custom of Manchu. In the “Rehe Diary”, the Manchu woman “Wild Flowers Full of Wild Flowers, and there are no points for young and old”. “Above fifth” is still “full of flowers, golden treasures”. “Even if it is nearly seventy years old, even” baldness is out of baldness, light is like 匏 “is still” inch north, and flowers are still full of flowers. “In northern Liaoning, some Manchu women even insert a interior water on the hair buns. Small bottles, and a few flowers in the bottle, which is full of vitality, reflecting their strong pursuit of beauty. In the early Qing Dynasty, the country was rising, and people’s life consumption was largely on the traditional model. To satisfy the desire of beauty, there is often a “gold and silver flower” on the head on the head. That is, the paper tire is used as a table, and some of the copper silk is used as a variety of flowers. Inch, the largest ones are nearly one foot, and choose the extremely delicate Zhucui for decoration. In the early years of Shunzhi, the family members of the army in the Manchu barracks were often decorated on the buns. With the establishment of the Qing Dynasty politics, the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, The national regime has become increasingly consolidated, and the flowers inserted by the Manchu women have also raised their worth. Although flowers are everywhere, women prefer the treasure texture of the treasure texture. It is better to show off.
    The late Qing Dynasty, the state treasury was embarrassed, the national strength declined, and people’s lives were naturally affected. Velvet flowers, silk flowers, and even paper flowers and grass flowers, even the emerald head of the feathers are instead of dyeing. . It is colorful, magnificent, but very complicated to make. It is understood that first use gold and silver films to make a bottomed bearing, and then welded with the edge of the pattern with gold silk … . Apply a proper amount of glue in the middle of the recessed part, cut off the feathers of the kingfisher with small scissors, and gently arrange the feathers on the base of the glue with the mule. For the top, however, the kingfisher is petite, the feathers are soft, and a head of the head requires many kingfishers. Because the beautiful color of the kingfisher is bright in color, coupled with the glittering side of the golden light, it is worn on the head and wears it on the head and other other. Jewelry can produce different effects compared to.
    It now the metal jewelry in the Forbidden City of Beijing, mostly in the Qianlong period. Flowers, red coral cat butterfly head flowers, golden fried double -friendly drama bead head flowers, golden embedded flowers jewelery head flowers, dotted green gem flowers fruit head flowers, gold -embedded rice pearls in front Coral pine stone gourd head flowers, etc., are made of welded base holder. It uses historical traditional skills, and highlights the characteristics of the Qianlong period, so that the eyes, tentacles, fibrous leaves, and branches of the poultry and poultry are used. The fine copper wire burns a very elastic spring, moves gently, sway left and right, the image is lively and realistic, and full of dynamic. There is also a metal welding as a base and needle. It is also loved by the concubines with flexibility. It is made of flower branches and leaf branches with different thickness of copper wires, and then the petals made of gems and small holes at the end of the leaves are skewed into flowers, stamens, flowers and leaves, branches, etc. Different single branches, and then set each part in the graph Single branches are tied into a bouquet, and finally concentrated on a thick copper wire tie the needle. The effect of such heads on the head is very good, adding to women’s touching gel. In addition, metal inlaid with embedded head flowers, gold -tired silk flowers are also loved by their predecessors with realistic images and fine work, making future generations admire.
    The most preferred head flowers of Manchu women are velvet flowers, especially when the daughter is married, the head must wear red velvet flowers, the picture is red auspicious, it is said that the “velvet flower” in Chinese is close to the “Ronghua” in Manchu. Sound, therefore, it means wearing velvet flowers. Among the Manchu women, as long as the conditions are allowed, not only do the wedding celebrate the sun flowers, but also want to wear velvet flowers all year round to find a homophonic auspicious. In particular, we should wear seasonal velvet flowers in the seasonal section: Lifa spring day wearing spring, wearing willow branches in the Qingming Day, weiners of Duanyang, wearing osmanthus in the Mid -Autumn Festival, Chongyang Day wearing dogwood, and wearing gourds in the winter … The heads of the concubines of the Qing Dynasty also have a large number of velvet flowers, silk flowers, and flowers flowing in the world. These colors are coordinated, and the hizze is rich. It is said that there is a mole in the corner of Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty, which often wear big flowers on the side to cover up. Because the flowers are easy to wither, it is made to develop flowers to make silk flowers. This process is constantly developing, the more refined. The heads of the pansy, silk, 绫, silk, etc. leftover in the Qing Dynasty include white, pink, and peach -red peony flowers, light yellow, medium yellow, and dark yellow chrysanthemums, white, ravioli, and snow blue. Rose flowers and pink, white plum blossoms, etc. After a hundred years, they are still bright and pleasant.
    The use of 簪 and is similar, and it is an indispensable jewelry for women. There are double or three crickets, which is more firm than the fixation of the bun -_-. The same form of ancient and is also naturally connected by the pupa. For example, the jade swallows popular in the Han Dynasty were one of them. According to legend, when Emperor Hanwu built the Zhaoling Pavilion, there was a goddess left a jade. Emperor Wu gave the jade to a surname Zhao. Decades later, Emperor Han Zhao inherited the throne, and the woman in the harem was stunned. She was struggling with no ideal style and looked for it everywhere. Once, the palace girls saw that this jade was not carved or decorated, and she looked ordinary, so she wanted to destroy it separately. But when I opened the box the next day, I saw a Feiyan go straight to the sky. Swallows took off, and the beautiful image of the tail was informal, which inspired the women in the palace, so they made the head of the head with Feiyan. The tail of the swallow is very suitable for inserting the bun, so it is named Yuyan. With the widespread use of the head, the heads of various textures and various shapes continue to appear. The most common is the cordon, and its production is composed of two parts: the head and the needle. At present, there is still a concubine worn by the concubines in the Qing Dynasty, mostly divided into two categories. One is that the cricket is very beautiful, and the other is that the photocopup head is not decorated.
    Pets are used to “inserts” without decoration. There are also many forms of inserts. There are round heads, pointed tadpoles, and flat heads. The texture is mostly gold, silver, gold -plated optical, and common women such as copper and iron. Insert is just the role of fixed buns. Among the many headdress of Manchu women, there must be a fixed center of the main role. The one who plays a fixed center is this insert. There is also a cricket called “silver clip”. The silver clip not only attaches great importance to the practical value of its fixed hairstyle, because its surface has patterns and has a beautiful aesthetic value, which can be regarded as a more ideal. There are also women who belong to the “Jing Nai cloth skirt”. Because of their embarrassment, they are not very particular or not particular. They only use coarse wire to make an inverted U -shaped plug. , Specify the flat end as a pupae.
    In appreciation of the style of the past flag, you can often see the Manchu women’s heads wide and long, fan -like non -fan, and crown -like headdress are very eye -catching. Its name is flat square, commonly known as “Flag head”. “Another meaning of the flag head ” refers to the hairstyles of several national characteristics commonly used by Manchu women, such as” two heads “,” water gourd “,” dovetail “,” big pull wings “,” high ” The general name of the head “,” shelf head “,” front bangs “,” pan -head wings “and so on. Bian Fang is the main jewelry of the Manchu women when combing two heads. In the article “Life of the Aristocrat,” once stated: “The Manchu woman usually combs two J heads, and the style is simple. Both are true and the horizontal ‘flat square, above. “The flat squares that are similar to the hair buns are 32 to 33.5 cm long, about four centimeters wide, and thick from zero to 0.3 cm. The other end is like a scroll. For example, in disguise, whether it is combing two heads or large wings, it plays the role of connecting true and “beams” in the fake hair. Maybe the long -sized crickets have evolved from this. The texture of Bian Fang is mostly white jade and green jade, and a few are gold and silver products.
    about the headdress of a Manchu woman such as flattelling. On behalf of the novel “Children’s Heroes” twenty times: “He Yufeng destroyed the filial piety of Anlong Media to hold the news”, you can see through the depiction of Mrs. An’s headdress. “I saw the wife … There are two short heads on it, with a strong scarlet head, don’t be a boring flat square, a pair of three lines of jade, and a small earlier ear dug. But not inserted on the top of the head, poured down behind the head, the three big gemstone stitches all the way on the left, and wearing a branches of square halberds, tied to eight big Dongzhu big waist joints. The little pick of the horns, the row of three branches on the right on the right of the row of the orchids with waxing wax “…. No matter how many mules she wore this end, it reflected that after the middle of the Qing Dynasty, the general Manchu officials had women’s headdress headdress headdress Photo.
    It in the northern folk in the Qing Dynasty, Bian Fang also had a very small one. In case of funeral, his wife was Dai Xiao for her husband, put down two heads, gathered the hair on the top of the head, and compiled two into two. The braids are not tied with the head rope, and the hair is loosened to a three -inch or four -inch white bone small flat square on the top of the head. If the daughter -in -law is Dai Xiao for her in -laws, a small flat square with a silver or white copper is inserted. Generally wrapped with greenin satin, green velvet or green gauze, commonly known as “mule”, it can be fixed on the buns when wearing. There are often various patterns on it, inlaid or inserting various types of decorations. Flowers and long spikes. The flat squares used by royal noble women from texture to style production can be called exquisite. On the narrow surface of only one foot long in the flat recipe, the sculpture of flowers, grass, birds, melon fruit texts, and fruits are carved. , Pavilion, Tower, and other patterns are wonderful and lifelike. The princess wore a flattelling of the patterns on both ends to attract attention. The bottom shoes echoed each other, making it actions, adding a woman’s dignified and beautiful manner. Whenever a festive day or receiving a Manchu woman such as a guest, wearing a flat square. , Make it straight, coupled with long cheongsam and high -bottom flag shoes, making them look more stable and elegant. The brain bag “is a long and narrow strip band with a wide two ends in the middle. It is worn between the eyebrows. It was originally a cold product in winter in the south of the river and the Central Plains region. , Poor girls are used to avoid the cold. La Zi, a married Manchu woman in the Northeast region, makes her hair leaning slightly later, which is slightly changed than the flatness of women in Jiangnan. Bring, around The first week. During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Lezi was still wide and gradually narrowed, but the production was extremely fine. Various auspicious patterns are embroidered on the top, and there are also pearls and gems in the middle. Dellerz, the woman in the Qing Dynasty, followed the old system of the Ming Dynasty. In the early Qing Dynasty, there were two beauty heads Dalzzi. From the picture, there were gauze and mink, which reflected the Lezi of different styles and texture in different seasons. For example, the cold wind in the north, most of them are made of mink, which is called mink compound. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, it was when Lezi prevailed, both the palace ladies and folk women set off their eyebrows. Due to the differences between the rich and the poor, the texture of Lezi and the ornaments on Lediko were different. This kind of eyebrows are more practical in the north, so it is popular. In addition to Lezi, there is also a golden schedule, similar to the shape of the Lezi, but Bilezi is narrower.
    A tassel is a very favorite jewelry of the Manchu woman. Its shape is similar to the head, but a few rows of pearl ears are down at the top of the head. Essence Buy -shaking jewelry began to see the Han Dynasty, which was originally popular on the Han Dynasty court and noble women. What is the step -shaking? “Those who shake it, the gold beads and jade, the meaning of the steward, the meaning of the step.” Buyao belongs to the Han Dynasty ritual jewelry, and its shape and texture are a symbol of grades and identity. After the Han Dynasty, Bu Yao gradually saw by the people’s people, so that the opportunity to spread in society. Among the aristocratic women, there was also a crown of the crown. It is more rich and luxurious to wear on the head.
    In the “Chinese Cultural Relics Essence Exhibition” held in the Forbidden City of Beijing, several golden trees -shaped stepping crown decorations unearthed from Liaoning Province have been exhibited. There are more than forty branches and branches of the size of the size. At the top of each small branch, there are one or two small golden rings that can be moved. There is a piece of golden leaves under each department, which touches the branches and shakes the leaves. Its excavation made us feel the wisdom and superb creativity of our ancestors, and at the same time, we can also understand the luxury of the feudal emperor’s concubine. Historically, after the Tang and Song dynasties, the step -shaping system changed many times. In addition to gold, jade, coral, glazed, amber, pine stones, spar and other precious materials appeared. Tang Yin, one of the four famous painters in the Ming Dynasty, wrote in the poem “Xianxian”: “Tulip shakes the silver and refers to, Mingyue drooping the dragon chair.” From this we can see that the “tulip” is used in the mobility, which may be a step -shaped system with metal and jewelry inlaid. Among them, there are many new welding processes that have been in the Ming Dynasty. Welding the golden filament and the golden bottom braces together and embedded with pearls and other jewelry gems. The practical durability exceeds the traditional process techniques such as carving and pressure.
    The Qing Dynasty Buyao mostly adopted a new method of welding production in the Ming Dynasty. In the “Qing Dynasty Clothing Exhibition” edited by the Palace Museum in Taiwan, there is a “point green embedded pearl phoenix swing”, which uses metal welding as a base. Red gems and snow -white beads are inlaid with red coral beads on both sides. The phoenix is ​​a side -like -like, with two small pearls of more than ten centimeters long on the sharp mouth. The corners are made of green gourds. The whole step shake is light and chic. Square selection is really rare.
    It another “Ji Qing has more than” streaming in another catalog, which is similar to the same type. At the top of the tassel connected to the needle is a golden halberd (ancient combat weapon), the halberd with a drooping Golden tired Pan. The goldstone bat was nodded with Cuihua, and the ruby ​​falling corner was falling. The other string of pearl honeyblag fish and the Cuihua cover, ruby ​​fell. The entire tassel is composed of halberds, pans, bats, fish, etc., and the homophonic “Ji Qing has more than”. This streaming is auspicious and unique in form. It not only plays a decorative hair effect, but also integrates buzz, symbol, and homophonic.
    The original meaning of the word tassel refers to the color line silk spike used by ancient people when decorating the car and horse tent. The shape and function of Buyao and tassels are exactly the same as the function. As for why the name of Buyao has not been attacked, it is replaced by the term tassel, which remains to be further verified in the future.
    This lovers loved by Manchu women are diverse. At the top, there is a cracker, a bird’s head, a flower, a butterfly, a cricket, a bat, etc. There are one, two layers, and three layers of drooping beads. Among the concubine jewelry exhibited by the Palace of Beijing, there is a “wearing rice pearl doubles like a spoil”, which was worn by the emperor when the emperor was married. At the top of the tassel is a dotted bat, the bat mouth is two small golden rings that are coated together, connecting a row cloud with a few roofs. Ruyi’s head is parallel to three bunch of pearl long spikes, and each beads are divided into three layers on average. Each layer is used with red corals to be carved with red coral interval. The bottom layer of the beads uses ruby ​​as a fall. The entire tassel is 28 centimeters long from the top to the falling corner, which is a longer type of tassel. This long stream is generally crooked to the top of the bun, and the ears are drooping, just to flatten the shoulders. In addition, the tiles treasured in the Qing Dynasty are the most common at the top with phoenixes. Such as “Dragon and Phoenix”, “Cai Feng Shuangfei”, “Danfeng Chaoyang”, “Phoenix Piece Peony” and so on. Phoenix is ​​the king of hundred birds. It is said that it can bring people happiness, beauty, and light. The image of the phoenix is ​​the image of the phoenix to build the nest and prepare for the breeding. The emperors of the feudal era hoped that they were more and more grandson, so there were a lot of phoenixes in the headdress of the concubine.
    Mu ordinary flag women and Han women in the early Qing Dynasty imitated the Manchu ladies’ hair accessories. They took the high bun as the Shang. The two puppets are about one foot wide, commonly known as “fork head” (also known as “two heads”, “or” head “). When the fork head, a strand of strands of hair on the back of the head, and the lower end is fixed into two sharp corners. , Form the tslorutonic tail name “Swallowtail”. The Qingwu Shizan’s “Palace Words” described this kind of hair style “Two of the Panpan Clouds, and the pearl light. The city is more than higher than the ruler, and the fork is divided into a low tail. “These palace words portray the unique hair style of Manchu women.
    ” Tu Tu “, also known as flags, is a common hair style of the people. After the Manchu women enter the middle age, they will no longer” “Head and wings”, and switching to the “head head”, its shape is like a steamed bun with patterns, but the “head head” is different from the “bun” of middle -aged women in ordinary civilians. The difference, the pupa is below the back of the head. The head position is directly above the head, and the hair is combed into a vertical round or flat -shaped height. Light -flat squares and other jewelry. Some elderly women have a spiral “rolling” on the top of their heads because of their less hair, which is simple and convenient. There is also a hair style called “water gourd”, commonly known as “water bun”. That is, picking up the two faint hair, using soapy water and ears to become hook -shaped, full of cheeks, lining like peach blossoms with rain, extraordinarily beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautifully beautiful, especially beautiful. .
    Puki after Kanggan, due to the influence of the Han bun “Ruyi”, the Manchu J women generally combed the buns into a “one” shape, commonly known as “one word”, “Ruyi head”, etc. In the middle of the generation, the style of the hair buns of the Manchu women gradually increased the J High. The “double corner” also continued to expand. The Manchu women’s hair style developed from the two heads of H head to the shelf head. The formula has gradually developed to a hair style mixed with the borrowing shelf, and there are more ornaments on the buns. Among them, there is a kind of board named “Fang Fang”. Especially during the Xianfeng period, the hair style of Manchu women became taller and exaggerated, and it has evolved into a “high -like card” fixed decoration, which replaces two heads with shelf. “Zeng Zai:” At the beginning of Shunzhi, when the Manchu women’s braids were braided, the middle division was turned, and the head was wrapped like a man of the Baotou. “After that, this hair style was getting higher and higher, and in the later period, it was a high and large form. Some people described their heads like a small blackboard. With the satin, make a “fan -shaped” crown. As long as you wear two hair buns, this is commonly known as the “big pull wings”, which is the hair style of the Manchu ladies. Wearing high -top jewelry, and then wearing the kind of high -bottom flag shoes they are used to wear, the figure looks particularly slender, and the road is more stable and dignified.
    “,” Big Flip “and” Dala Wings “, similar to the Qing Dynasty palace style seen on the stage and film and television dramas, should be developed from” two heads “, that is, the top of the head of the head as the” head “as the” head ” “Seats”, adding hair ornaments made of blue pigment satin or velvet racks on it, and “troops” behind the head. This hair style is popular in Beijing in the late Qing Dynasty, and it is higher and higher. The style of the headboard is decorated with flowers on the front, and the sides of the sidelines (lines) are hung on the side, so some areas in the Northeast are called “Beijing -like” or “Palace Clothing”.
    The hard shell is about the high ruler. The inside is made of a round hoop with the size of the head of the head, and then the tire is used to make the tire. Two heads, then insert some flowers with greenin, green velvet, green diameter gauze or silk. When needed, wear it on the head without combing it, and remove it aside. The role of picking and wearing is easy to be free, which can be described as beautiful. Da pull wings, shaped like Ruyi, the tail tail hooking behind the neck is also bigger than the original, almost to the collar. Because the big pull wings are coarse iron wire with coarse iron wire. For the frame, the load is strong. There are fixed devices such as plugging, crickets, streaming, pimple needles, ear -digging spoons, head flowers, etc., which meets the needs of wearing many jewelry at the same time. The decoration is a special hair accessory for noble women. The Palace Museum hides “Yongzheng Xingle Map”, which is painted with the image of the concubine in the early Qing Dynasty. This kind of hair accessories are painted. When you get married, you often use this as “Ritual Crown ” on their heads, as if the” Feng Guanxia “of the Han nationality feels glory and wealth. Until the end of the Qing Dynasty, the “Dara Wing” was still the main hair accessories of Manchu women. Regardless of whether the officials or women or folk women followed suit. In fact, the above -mentioned header is dressed up like this in addition to the noble women. The reason is that it takes time and effort, and it must be completed by others. After combing it, you cannot lean on the pillow at will, whether you stand or sit, you have to straighten your neck, although beautiful but uncomfortable. Except for grand occasion or young girls’ daughter -in -law on the New Year, the folk is rarely visible.

  3. 1. The sleeves see the plain hand, and the hand is about the golden ring. On his head, the golden jue is mock, and the waist is wearing Cuilang. The pearls are in the jade body, and the wood is difficult. He Yi fluttered, and he returned lightly.
    From: Two Han: Cao Zhi’s “Beauty”
    Meaning: The sleeves of the lifted sleeves can see her hand, and the white wrist is wearing a golden bracelet. There were column -shaped golden crickets on his head and emerald green jade on his waist. The pearls on the body were shining, and corals and Orb were embellished. The Siro’s placket dances in the spring breeze, and the thin skirt rotates with the wind.
    2, Cuicai lotus puff is small, gold is sparse.
    From: Song Dynasty: Li Qingzhao’s “Nan Gezi · Sky Star River Turn”

    meaning: This one wearing Luo Yi for many years has become smaller with the blue green silk thread; The color of the lotus leaf embroidered in the golden thread becomes thin and thin.
    3, finege is soft, Xiang Luo stacked light. Wet from the heavens, and come to clear when the summer.
    From: Tang Dynasty: Du Fu’s “Dragon Boat Festival Day”

    Meaning: Xiang Luoyi is made of fine -gravic spinning, and the soft wind floats, and the white color is like new snow. From Huangtian, the rain dew is moisturizing, and it is just cool. It is extremely cool.
    4, He Yong asked the king, Shuangzhu 簪 簪. Use Yu Shao.
    From: Two Han: Anonymous “Thinking”
    meaning: What do I give you? This is a pupae, with pearls and jade rings on it.
    5. The apprentice wants to teach Lang to look at it.
    From: Song Dynasty: Li Qingzhao’s “Reducing Magnolia Orchids · Selling Flowers”
    Meaning: I insert plum blossoms in the clouds, let the flowers and my face side by side, teach him to take a look, and take a look. Which one is more beautiful.

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