I just received a phone call saying that I can receive the gift for free with a text message given by her.

5 thoughts on “I just received a phone call saying that I can receive the gift for free with a text message given by her.”

  1. This must be deceiving. Greed up and cheap to eat a big loss, the bad guys are to seize this kind of heart. Only then do you succeed in repeatedly, don't care about such people. Sometimes you cheat you. Maybe it's a packet of paper towels. This soap and the like. Also let you draw a prize. The last ten things, give you a folding ninety -nine to you, this is the leaking your information in that session. Now there are traps everywhere. Think about how the pie is dropped in the sky. You let her give her to the poor mountainous areas, so that you are still doing good deeds, and you don't have to go. It will be ignored in the future. Don't open it if you have the URL. Now the scammers are very clever.

  2. See how much gifts are worthy! The high ones must be deceiving. If it is only a small gift, because some activities do the activities, you will definitely sell it to you or what conditions are needed. It's okay to go, leave after receiving a small gift!

  3. When you meet a stranger's phone, in the phone, he promises you to give you a gift and participate in some activities, so this phenomenon basically has a routine, there is no free Generally, he lifts you up. When you go, in their place, she will have some people to brainwashing, which may be selling all kinds of products. Therefore Occupying small cheap, taking advantage of small cheaper will suffer a big loss. With a little little gray, Xiao Enhui calls you, that is, it means that he still has a purpose, because everyone does not know, why give you gifts? So pay attention to friends, and do not let him participate in such a thing, so as not to be fooled

  4. There is no pies in the sky in the sky. I also participated in many so -called free points exchange before. After you go, you will find a lot of lectures. It is not so -called free, and many things he allows you to do something first to get it. For example, if you do a card, such as making something and what to send one, your friend wants to go, it means that he still does n’t want him to go, it means that he is still he still If you want to take advantage of this, I think if he has to go to accompany you, you may not have to be there, listen to it, let him know that he has been deceived. At present, you can't change his thoughts, so follow him

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