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  1. The Shanghai World Expo Israeli National Pavilion

    On November 12, 2008, the Israeli government and the Shanghai World Expo officially signed the China Expo to participate in the Shanghai World Expo in China in 2010, and confirmed to participate in the online World Expo project.

    Theme: Innovation makes life better. n The Israeli National Pavilion consists of two streamlined buildings, as if the hands surrounded by each other, and like a shell in a sea. In order to highlight the coastal cities in Shanghai and to echo the name of "Haibao", the Israeli National Pavilion deliberately named the "sea shell" for the exhibition hall. This beautiful shell must not only show the traditional Jewish culture to the visitors, but also show the progressive Jewish culture, and through various forms of exhibitions to convey the common place of Jewish culture and Chinese culture.

    In architecture, the Israeli museum also shows "innovation and future". Three experience areas such as low -language gardens, light halls, and innovation hall allows visitors to experience the audiovisual enjoyment brought by modern technology. In the low -language garden, visitors can talk to nature; in the hall of light, they can talk to the history of Jewish. The most exciting part of the entire exhibition hall is in the Innovation Hall. Visitors will enjoy a 360 -degree audiovisual performance presented by the light ball floating in the three -dimensional space. The performance will show Israel's scientific and technological innovation and important results in various fields , Let the visitors collide with the future challenge.

    The Shanghai World Expo Dutch National Pavilion

    November 16, 2007, China 2010 Shanghai World Expo Dutch Show The building design plan for the museum is announced.

    Theme: "Happy Street"

    Highlights of styling: Change the colorful lighting effect

    designers: John Kaolin

    The theme of the Dutch chose "Happy Street" as the theme of the Dutch National Pavilion

    17 unique houses outline a "Happy Street" with 8 -shaped shapes. Different types of decorations show the innovation of the Netherlands in terms of space, energy and water conservancy.

    From a distance, "Happy Street" is like a roller coaster passing through; at night, the effect of changing the colorful lighting will reflect it Visitors with different tastes stop.

    The happy and beautiful streets were designed by Dutch designer, John Kokalin. "Happy Street" is actually an ideal city. It also divides the living area, working area and industrial area, which reflects the reasonable planning of modern urban life.

    The Shanghai World Expo Japan National Pavilion
    n October 28, 2008 On the day, the Japanese government and the Shanghai World Expo Affairs Coordination Bureau officially signed the 2010 Shanghai World Expo participation contract and announced the exhibition plan.

    The theme: "The sum of the heart, the peace of the heart"

    The shape of the shape: divided into three major exhibition areas of the past, present, and future. The form combines Japanese traditional characteristics and modern style Essence

    The Japanese pavilion renderings

    Japanese museum renderings

    Japanese pavilion effect chart
    n Japanese museum renderings r r r r r r r r r r r r r r

    It silver -white Japanese exhibition halls form a semi -circular dome, like a "space fortress". In fact, this is a layer of ultra -light "membrane structure" containing solar power generation devices. This makes the Japanese museum a "breathing" exhibition hall.

    The Japanese exhibition hall continues the concept of "symbiosis with nature" in the Aichi Expo. It adopts environmental control technology in design, so that natural resources such as light, water, and air are used to maximize use. The exhibition hall's high -light dual -layer external membrane is equipped with internal solar batteries, which can make full use of solar resources; the latest technologies such as circulating breathing touches will be used in the exhibition hall.

    In terms of display, the Japanese museum will integrate the two forms of Japanese traditional characteristics and modern style. Through the three parts of the past, present, and future, let visitors feel in vision, touch, and hearing. Below, learn about a real Japan and sustainable 21st century new urban life.

    The Austrian Pavilion walking in the Austrian Pavilion of nature and the city

    World Expo News on April 1: The reporter recently learned that the Shanghai World Expo Austrian Pavilion display plan has begun to take shape. The Austrian Pavilion is divided into 5 exhibition areas. Visitors will personally feel that they will experience from the towering mountains and grassland, pass through the river valley low, and eventually come to the city to experience the economic and culture of Austria. Below, please follow the reporter through imagination to appreciate the unique "Austrian Journey" first.

    The Model of the Shanghai World Expo Austria

    trip. From Waltz to Sax, the well -known wonderful notes sent "the hometown of world music" to the ear of the visitors; on the virtual wallpaper, Princess Hei, Mozart, Strauss, and Austrian celebrities will also be with the visitors. Set on a happy journey.

    The passage of the exhibition hall, the trains departing from Shanghai soon brought the visitors to Vienna in Austria. The bridge on the Huangpu River has become the Royal Bridge in Vienna, the Shanghai Municipal Government Building has become the Vienna City Hall, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower becomes the super Ferris wheel of Vienna, the Chinese courtyard has become Austria's natural scenery. What is missing is the "Service" of the Austrian sincere and friendly.

    The Model of the Shanghai World Expo Austria

    The journey across the natural journey

    along the climbing upside up in the exhibition hall, the visitors will gradually stay away from the city Began to experience Austrian fantasy and changeable natural features. The mountains and snow are covered by the mountains, ice and snow, and the temperature is as low as zero; the sound of snow friction, the sound of the glaciers, and the whistling of the cold wind; the visitors can even touch the snowflakes and feel the cold. In Austria, which is covered by the two -thirds of the territory of the Eastern Alps, visitors can experience the stimulus of skiing in the mountains, and they can also visit the thunderbolt avalanche in person.

    Nene trees, broad -leaved trees, berries, mushrooms exuding aroma; the rustle of the leaves, various birds singing like songs; the roar of the beast occasionally; from the snow mountain, the forest appears in the visit to visit In front of the people's eyes, 47.2%of the land surrounded by Austrian snow mountains and greenery was covered by forests.

    Here, visitors can see the color changes caused by the leaves due to the change of the four seasons. There will be a timid deer not far away. Maybe a naughty virtual squirrel will jump to your On your body, smell the smell.

    In the jungle hills, visitors will come to a water world. Rich lake resources and strict environmental protection make Austria's water not only clear and sweet, but also rich in fish resources. Visitors can walk along the river, can play water, and they can also see various fish and other animals from the virgin forests and the Danube Basin from central Europe.

    The return to the city

    This spans snow mountain, forest, lake, and the last stop of the visitors returned to the homeland of life -the city. Grassland and forests have extended to the center of the city, people drink Qingquan from the snowy mountains, picnic picnics in the forests of Vienna, and swimming in the Danube River. This cozy city life is a true portrayal of Austrian city and nature.

    Mozart and Strauss will welcome visitors in the city. Urban transportation dances with Walz's beats, ceiling, walls and floors complement each other, showing the theme of the World Expo "City, making life better. "

    The exhibition hall will also be the big stage of Austria. From shoe and dance to fashion clothing show, from classical concert to international VJ night, all kinds of beautiful Austrian culture will be on Percent here.

    This ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo Czech Pavilion Hall will take over the Czech Republic to take over the new national hall
    n World Expo News on April 28 News: On the afternoon of the 28th, the transfer ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo The Czech Pavilion in the World Expo Park was grandly held. Czech Ambassador to China Vetaslav. Vitezslav GREPL, Czech Exhibition General Pavel A. Stehlik, and Hu Jinjun, deputy director of Shanghai World Expo, attended the Czech exhibition transfer ceremony.

    The effect map of the Czech exhibition hall

    According to reports, the Czech Pavilion will be responsible for the decoration and design of the exhibition hall by the Czech FilmDekor company. Wankeng (nearly $ 9 million). The main design style of the exhibition hall is urban landscape. The front of the exhibition hall will exaggerate the streets of Prague. As soon as tourists enter the museum, they will see the cities with the ups and downs of Ganglian's green scenery.

    Pavel A. Stehlik revealed that the Czech plans to hold a national event day on May 17, 2010.

    The government officially confirmed the exhibition on February 7, 2007, and chose a 2,000 -square -meter lease hall as its exhibition hall. On January 23, 2008, the Czech Government and the Shanghai World Expo Affairs Coordination Bureau officially signed a contract with the Shanghai World Expo in China in 2010, becoming the 12th signing country of the Shanghai World Expo.

    The display "City and Harmony" Shanghai World Expo Hindu design plan is released

    The overall renderings of the Indian Pavilion

    This morning, the Shanghai World Expo India National Pavilion display plan was announced. In 2010, in the World Expo Park, this exhibition hall with a strong traditional style will lead the visitors to ancient India in 2000 BC, cross the Middle Ages, and then reach modern India, showing the ancient Indian culture to modern civilization along the way contribute.

    The general representative of the Indian exhibition area Hila and Hu Jinjun, deputy director of the Shanghai World Expo, signed a memorandum of land transfer of the Indian Museum. Essence The "small" exhibition hall integrates the "big" scene

    has covers an area of ​​4,000 square meters in the Indian Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo. The design inspiration comes from the oldest and most magnificent buildings in India. The arched gate of the exhibition hall is inspired by the "Siddi SYED" temple in Ahmamadabard; the square floor is built on pottery and bluestone. The central dome symbolizes the theme of India's "Vientiane Harmony". The design is inspired by the Sanchi pagoda. It is an architectural style often appearing in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, and Christianity. Dharma sacred place, retrieve the tranquility of the heart.

    NAI, one of the designers of the Indian Pavilion, said that the antique Indian museum actually contains high -tech elements. Most of the building materials used in the Indian Pavilion are reusable materials. In the architectural design, high -energy -consuming handmade materials are promoted to encourage repeated use. The most advanced refrigeration and lighting system is used to achieve low energy consumption and efficiency. Small windmills and solar cells on the roof make full use of permanent renewable energy. The design of zero chemicals, safely discharge without pollution. The recycling water processed by the factory will be used for green irrigation and will show a rainwater collection system. The central dome is covered with various herbaceous plants, with a tree of copper life. The use of bamboo grids and reinforced concrete uses a sound -absorbing ceiling. The use of solar panels, windmills and architectural elements such as herbal and bamboo and wood on the dome fully reflects the concept of energy saving and efficient.

    In ancient India to the future

    "The exhibition hall can receive 1,500 visitors per hour, with an average of 450 people every 15-20 minutes. , Food and Specialty Touch India. "The general representative of the Indian exhibition area Hila said," Rich traditional culture, diverse religious beliefs, traditional and modern science and technology development, and the integration of cities and rural areas will be the content of the Indian Pavilion. "

    It reports that all the exhibitions of the Indian pavilions are revolved around the theme of "city and harmony". Through the time and space of Indian city time and space, from 2000-3000 BC, Mohan Zandarlo Harlean civilization, in the Mohallahs city life form of the Middle Ages, was depicting it wonderfully.

    At the same time, the Indian exhibition hall also shows the evolution of urban life. In the face of the growing population pressure and continuous environmental problems, how to trade and serve different departments, different strata, and urban and rural areas in society. The exchange has obtained the greatest harmonious coexistence.

    Ip, in addition to in recent years, the rapid development of the Indian science and technology industry, such as creative design, science and technology, and the latest technology, will also be the focus of display, including information technology, satellite communication technology, biological science and technology and other fields Many Indian cutting -edge companies will also be fully displayed at the World Expo.

    The dome of the Indian Pavilion

    The round arched door of the Indian Pavilion

    The panoramic view of the museum

    The effect map of the National Pavilion of Chile

    The effect map of the National Pavilion of Chile R
    National Pavilion effect map

    In internal renderings of the Chile National Pavilion

    In internal renderings of the Chile National Pavilion
    n Themes and solutions of the Swedish Pavilion R n The effect map of the Swedish National Pavilion

    On November 15, 2008, the Swedish National Pavilion plan of the Shanghai World Expo was announced. strength.

    Theme: Creative Light

    Design team: SWECO Company

    And highlight the use of wood in the field of modern construction.

    The design of the Swedish exhibition hall is inspired by the interaction between urban and rural life. The architectural style of the entire pavilion adopts traditional urban buildings, consisting of four connected buildings. The appearance of the building will also highlight how the wood is used in the field of modern architecture, and how to use appropriate materials to achieve energy -saving effects.

    "Sustainable Development", "Innovation", and "Communication" are the three theme words of the Swedish Pavilion, which specifically show the solution adopted by Sweden when facing the challenge, showing that Sweden improves the urban environment level to improve the urban environment level. Measures and capabilities, as well as the importance of exchanges in new technical environments. Each visitor can experience the culture, social spirit, engineering technology, tradition, love of nature, and the most important innovation spirit in Swedish exhibition halls, and the most important innovation spirit.

  2. The footsteps of the 2010 World Expo are getting closer and closer to us, and the call of civilization and harmony is still in my ears. Shanghai, China, obtained the right to host the World Expo in 2010. The Shanghai World Expo in China in 2010 will be the world's event, a great opportunity for the new round of development in Shanghai, and an important manifestation of my country's national spirit. The World Expo is an international activity with a huge influence and long history, and it is also a grand gathering of human beings. People gather from all over the world to show their respective products and skills, and boast their hometown and motherland. The World Expo integrates the great achievement of human civilization, so it has unparalleled appeal and makes people feel excited.

    The World Expo is a platform, I am the master.

    . It set up a platform for us to let the world understand us; it built a bridge for us so that we can better communicate with the world | Fang | Cases | Library = Tarming%^. This platform allows us to show ourselves. I am the master of here, and I want to do my best to make the guests feel enthusiasm and joy. I want to work hard to be the glorious volunteer of the Expo.

    An everyone is contributing to the Expo, and I am no exception. As students studying in Shanghai, we feel proud and proud. While looking forward to the good tomorrow, we must also do our best for the wonderfulness of the World Expo. We must also achieve Shanghai's commitment to the world through our hands, sincere hearts and actual actions: Let life ~ This article is from. Plan Fan-Library for you; Search} Ji Tong-Loin#Better! "As a glorious volunteer, I will introduce to foreign friends in Shanghai and the long-established China for a long time. The World Expo contributes its own strength.

    I I hope that the huge enthusiasm of the Expo will be transformed into the actual action of the World Expo. I will move forward with the Expo, develop with the city, and dedicate my efforts to the development of Shanghai. go ahead.

  3. City, make life better
    Speaking of the World Expo, I think the first thing everyone thinks must be his mascot. Blue, wave -like. Hair, cartoon -based faces, large, round eyes, round body, and strong feet. Needless to say, it is a mascot of the Shanghai World Expo.
    Haibao means "the treasure of the four seas" and "people" as the core creativity. Hair, pointing out the regional characteristics and source of life of the birthplace of the mascot; the face shows friendly and confident; the eyes are full of expectations for future cities; the body shows the beautiful feelings of harmonious life, cute and playful; The lift -up thumb is praised and welcomed by friends all over the world; big feet indicate that China has the ability and determination to handle the World Expo; blue, tolerance, imagination, and symbolizing China's hope and potential China. And these are very suitable for the theme of the Shanghai World Expo.
    The theme interpretation of the Shanghai World Expo was settled at the beginning of this year. Under the theme of "city, making life better", five sub -themes have been established: "the integration of urban multiculturalism", "prosperity of urban economy", "innovation of urban technology", "reshaping of urban communities" And "interaction of urban and rural areas".
    The beautiful venue in the Expo made me feel fascinating.
    This Chinese museum, provinces and cities exhibition. There are only special buildings such as Huaqiao Bridge, Gulou, and Fengyu Bridge, which are the only Guizhou Pavilion. There is also a hundred -fold zoom in the entrance and projected on the large screen in the form of multimedia on the large screen.
    The Turkish Pavilion, Dream Maze Box. The Turkish Pavilion is the integration of ancient civilization and modern architecture. The museum is big red as a whole, and it looks like a dream maze box. The design of the Turkish Pavilion is inspired by one of the oldest villages in the world. The Turkish Pavilion will follow the architectural style of 8500 years ago, showing the integration of ancient Turkey civilization and modern architecture, showing that Anatolia has a long history of "cities and better life".
    The World Meteorological Museum, like a cloud.

    The world meteorological museum looks like a white cloud, and the 4D theaters will bring tourists to the experience of "storm lightning". Visitors can also enjoy the wonderful scene of rainbow in the museum. The theme of the World Meteorological Museum is "For the peace and well -being of the people."

    The wonderful venues make you want to take a look?
    The understanding, communication, joy, cooperation. Better City, Better Life, city, making life better.

  4. It's all the

    2010 in the Tuyang Shenbird Gold of Chengdu in the capital of the Golden Birds in the Chengdu in 2010, it vividly reproduces the myth of the "Golden Bird's Negative Day". Legend has it not only reflects human worship of the sun and birds, but also expresses human sangs of life and movement. Whether it was before or now, the pursuit of a better life has always been a belief in human heart. The 2008 Olympic Games is, as well as the World Expo.

    The World Expo is a gathering place for civilization in different times of human beings, a finger lamp for future development, and a longing for human beings for a better life. It closes the distance between people and work together to create the environment of the environment and the harmonious coexistence.

    The bustling city, the hustle and bustle of urban areas seems to tell us that money, status, and reputation are our pursuit of a better life, but this life is not satisfactory. Bi Shumin has said such a sentence: happiness is not wealth, prestige, and status synchronize, this is just the feeling of your soul. Maybe money can bring a lot of things, a brilliant appearance, and greedy desire, but cannot bring eternal happiness. Denmark, as one of the countries of this Expo exhibition, its exhibition hall does not focus on the design, but is based on the theme of "Happy Life, Fairy Tale Park". Little mermaid sculpture. This idea does not express the life that people yearn for simple and happy life after living in a busy city, and enjoy the tranquility and leisurely given us that nature gives us.

    The World Expo is like a link, connecting people from all over the world, narrowing the distance between people. Taiwan is a treasure island in my country. For various reasons, naughty, he refused to return to his mother's arms for a long time. This Expo has shortened their distance. The shape of the Taiwan Pavilion is like a sky lantern. Its design concept is "nature · soul and city". The shape of the sky lanterns is matched with landscapes. The retro reveals modern, beautiful appearance day and night exhibitions, which brings people special visual visual enjoy. In addition, the ball -shaped light core is like the earth, and the huge lampshade surrounds people from all over the same space. Although from different countries, there is the same dream. effort.

    Perhaps time, time can dilute the inner scars, but they can't take away our beliefs; perhaps, life can defeat the fragility of our hearts, but we cannot abolish our desire for life; perhaps, scars can hinder the inner heart. The concern is unable to give up our common pursuit. The World Expo not only brings opportunities for development to China, but also an opportunity to understand each other with guests around the world. "City, making life better" is the theme of this Expo and our common dream. Each exhibition hall has its own characteristics, and they will show the world a different world.

    The nature, mind, city, enter the Expo, listen to another voice of the world; walk into the World Expo and feel another corner of the world. A good life requires everyone's joint efforts. A person's strength is very small. If you accumulate, it will be very powerful. n
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    2010 World Expo will do it in the sea. "Beautiful" indicates that Shanghai and other cities will be able to use and transform the natural environment and create a highly artificial living environment to benefit all residents of the city.
    The 21st century was a green century. The theme of the World Expo held by Aichi in Japan is "natural wisdom". It can be seen from this that people are more and more concerned about ecology. The housing dominated by the 21st century is a green home. The food dominated by the 21st century is green food. The environment led by the 21st century is the green environment. Green is also the eternal theme of human beings. Greening is an important link that reflects green.
    greening, this word is no stranger to us. As we all know, greening can beautify the environment, release oxygen, weaken noise, reduce temperature, block wind and sand, and improve the environment. Not only that, greening can also reduce the psychological response of human fear and anger to promote positive psychological reactions. It can be said that greening is an indispensable part of life.
    2010 The Sea of ​​the World Expo in the World Expo in the World Expo was the highlight of the city plan. With the entry of the application of the Expo, the pointer that is restless in the dial in the dial is the heartstrings of all the people who care about the World Expo, especially the staff of the Shanghai Green Management Bureau related to the Expo project. After all, 400 hectares 60%-80%of the application session will be green space. Greening is very important for the urban construction of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo and improving people's quality of life, and it can also drive economic growth.
    First of all, greening has a promotion role in Shanghai's urban construction. It is understood that in the 2010 World Expo, there will be a number of green plant corridors vertical with the Huangpu River, extending the greening belt from the Binjiang area to the hinterland of the city, just like the link between modern cities and nature; in the lining of greenery, one, one Forty -five hundred meters long and dedicated to tourists will cross the two sides of the Pujiang River, becoming an iconic building that connects the past, present and the future. After the World Expo, it will be integrated into the city of Shanghai according to the space of the urban prototype of this area. The green corridor and canal will be retained. The flower bridge through the Huangpu River will also be preserved. It can lead the tourists who walk to the new urban park. After the exhibition, as part of Shanghai Rong, it becomes another iconic landscape of Shanghai.
    Secondly, greening can improve people's quality of life. On February 2, 2004, Shanghai was officially awarded the title of "National Garden City". Shanghai also proposed the goal of building forest cities. In 1990, Shanghai was still in the stage of paying off the debt; but in 2004, Shanghai was built with 1,800 hectares of green space throughout the year. The green coverage rate reached 36 %, and the per capita public green space in the urban area reached 10 square meters. The inner ring line basically eliminates the blind zone of the 500 -meter service radius of greening, and has built a large number of large public green spaces; as more urban green space built in the World Expo in 2010 will be more. In the construction of green space, it not only highlights ecological functions, but also pays more attention to the comprehensive service function of green space and urban landscape function. With this development momentum, in 2010, Shanghai's goal was just around the corner.
    is not only that, greening will also increase the growth of the economy. Due to the 2010 World Expo, house prices in Shanghai will increase. Data in real estate investment shows that the most direct beneficiary of the green space is real estate developers: Park green space invested by the government always "Ze was" "Ze was" surrounding the surrounding-parks near the park. In recent years, property prices near the park have increased at least 1,000 yuan per square meter, and the average sales units near Greenland's real estate will also be much higher than the real estate far away from the green land.
    The lack of green homes lack tranquility and serene. Without the green grass, there are only pale roads, and the paleness is glowing in the strong sun ...
    The water is the source of life, and green is the color of life. Only a city full of green is full of vitality and vitality ...
    green is the eternal concept of human beings
    green, which is a symbol of civilization.
    green, it shows the inspiration and charm of nature.
    Nera, let's act from now on, let the city more green, and add a vitality.
    . My 2010, my Expo!

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    n2010 EXPO 2010 is a World Expo in the preparation. It is planned to be held in Shanghai, China in 2010. It is also the first World Expo that has always been held by China. The theme of the expo is "city that makes life better". The organizer is expected to attract 70 million visitors around the world, with a total investment of 30 billion yuan, the largest in the history of the World Expo.
    [The emblem of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Club]
    The emblem is a visual symbol that concentrates the concept. The emblem of the Shanghai World Expo Huihai World Expo was generated by the global solicitation and expert review.
    The emblem pattern is like the Chinese character "World", and it is cleverly combined with the number "2010", which complements each other, expressing the strong desire for the Chinese people to organize a world, a multi -cultural integration expo event.
    The emblem pattern is like a three -family family hug and enjoy it, showing the harmony of the family. In a broad sense, it can represent all human beings that include "you, me, him", and express the concept of "understanding, communicating, gathered, and cooperation" of the World Expo.
    The emblem takes green as the main color, which is full of vitality, adding upward, rising, and bright dynamics and meaning, expressing the creative passion of the Chinese people for the future and the pursuit of sustainable development.
    [Edit this paragraph] [2010 Shanghai World Expo mascot]
    at 8 pm on December 18, 2007, Shanghai World Expo mascot -Haibao Wanzhong's purpose of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Mascot " ) "Finally opened the mysterious veil, the cute shape of the blue" human "made everyone refreshing.

    ◆ The main image

    is the core creativity of the "people" of Chinese characters, which not only reflects the characteristics of Chinese culture, but also echoes the design concept of the emblem of the Shanghai World Expo. It is an innovation in the first international event mascot design as a mascot design. It is an innovation. "Haibao" is full of meaning from head to toe.
    Hair: The waves of the rolling rolls look lively and individual, and point out the regional characteristics and source of life in the place of birth of the mascot.
    Face: The simple expression of cartoonization, friendly and confident.
    Eyes: Great, round eyes are full of expectations for future cities.
    A blue: full of tolerance, imagination, and symbolize China with hope and potential.
    The body: a round body, showing the beautiful feelings of harmonious life, cute and playful.
    Fist: Lift your thumb is a praise and welcome to friends all over the world.
    Big feet: Standing on the ground steadily, becoming a strong support for the enthusiastic open arms, indicating that China has the ability and determination to handle the World Expo.

    ◆ The name of the name ◆

    The name of the Chinese Expo Mascot of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, which means "the treasure of the four seas". The name of "Haibao" is well -echoed, and it also echoes the color of his body, which is in line with the principle of auspicious title of Chinese folk customs. The name of "Haibao" is inseparable from the image of the mascot, which means auspicious.
    Haibao is the image ambassador of the Shanghai World Expo in China in 2010. He is welcome to welcome friends from all over the world with enthusiastic arms and confident smiles.

    ◆ Theme embodiment ◆

    The overall image structure of the mascot Hybao is simple, simple in information, easy to memory, and appropriate to spread. Although there is only one, through action interpretation and clothing changes, it can be ever -changing, different in shape, and shows a variety of styles.
    "Shangshan Ruo Shui", water is the source of life, the main form of the mascot is water, and his color is blue -like blue, showing that China integrates the world and embrace the world.
    Haibao reflects the ideal of "people" for the integration of urban diversified culture; it embodies the praise of "people" for economic prosperity and sustainable environmental development; Hope; also reflects the "people "'s desire to reshape the urban community; he also reflects the vision of common prosperity of the city and the countryside in the hearts of" people ". Haibao is a longing for the colorful life, the blessing of the life of the five -light color, and it is also a warm invitation to friends from the four seas of the five lakes.
    [Edit this paragraph] [World Expo Volunteer Logo Slocked Songs]
    The main body of the Chinese character "Heart", English letter "V", and mouth of olive branches flying in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Volunteer Label Essence While showing the "world" "world" of the Expo, while presenting Chinese cultural personality, it expresses the volunteer's "heart" and "heart". "V" is the first letter of "Volunteer" in English, which explains the group represented by the sign and gives them a clear meaning. The theme of the World Expo with a better life. Rainbow -like colors, the ribbon of the wind and dancing, is the enthusiastic call of Shanghai. We believe that in 2010, with the efforts of volunteers, people from all over the world gathered harmoniously under the same sky!
    The volunteers of the Shanghai World Expo "The world is in front of you, we are by your side". Yin Yixiang's speech made a request to the volunteers: to be the founder of a "more beautiful city", the creator of the "better life", and the "deeper friendship" communicator. Losteles, Secretary -General of the International Exhibition Bureau, made a congratulatory letter. The ceremony ended in the Shanghai World Expo volunteer song "By You" sung by Eason Chan.

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    This is an unable to drag a shuttle, it has been rushing forward, Rush straight to 2010. During the Expo, I seemed to have a special relationship with him, and he often talked to me about the changes that flowed beside me.
    The towering trees rose from the side. "Before I arrived in Shanghai Mile, I saw that each road was staggered and continuously flowing in an orderly manner. The greenness beside the crow was eye -catching, and it was eye -catching." On the way to 2010, I saw that he said more and more, and he couldn't help but describe me. Along the way, a green Expo flag was fluttered, holding a small hand. The word 2010 is floating in every Chinese heart, which is an interpretation of a better future. I think that before 2010, I gave him such a good first impression, letting Shanghai a Xanadu in his heart!
    "Because I am deeply touched by the previous World Expo, I look forward to this Expo." He looked at Haibao and seemed to feel the blood of the Chinese nation.
    Yes, the Blueprint of the Expo has been painted on both sides of the Pujiang River. The accumulation of 5,000 years of civilization. The waiting for one and a half centuries will gather in some aspects on May 1, 2010. As a Shanghai native, I am proud of as a high school student.
    "The countdown of the World Expo is intensive." He sighed. "The planning, positioning, and project progress of many World Expo, led by the Chinese Pavilion have attracted more and more attention. It can be certain that many venues with different forms of the World Expo not only have colorful appearance on the appearance of the building, but also make people open. The important thing is that every venue will be deeply marked by the old cultural imprint, which gives beautiful buildings with soul and life. The Chinese museum with the theme of "Eastern Crown" has been on. The strong visual impact, she reflects the culture, spirit and temperament of the Chinese nation. While ensuring efficiency, the quality is also improved, so you can rest assured. "I said confidently.
    This sitting quietly in the car, watching the location: traffic lights have become a way to travel, that is, it is a little rest, and it can also run traffic in an orderly manner. On the side of the road, the scene of good order of the scene went deep into our hearts: pedestrians let the roads, help the disabled, help the elderly, and care about the young. It truly reflects the harmonious development and social stability of people.
    "Your poster is so rich, and the mascot also plays a variety of attitudes."
    "Of course!"
    Caring about the enthusiasm of the Expo and participating in the Expo, to maximize the understanding and support of the masses, so that Shanghai's good citizens' legal quality and order of social rule of law have become important support for the World Expo. In the increasingly networked, informatization, and open public opinion environment, we must not only pay attention to the accuracy and effectiveness of publicity, but also pay attention to the correctness of public opinion orientation.
    The one -day itinerary is about to come to an end. I and him -World Expo, in the dusk, agreed to have a date at the 2010 World Expo!

    This is what I find something else for you, please refer to it! Intersection

    It the World Expo with civilized etiquette
    2010 World Expo, we are waiting for, listening to the closer footsteps, we are surging.
    Civilization is a word that can represent the Expo; civilization is a word that represents each of us; civilization, we use it to welcome the Expo.
    The city to make life is better. This is the theme of the Expo, and we should do it. We act civilized everywhere in our lives.
    In campus, as long as we let the steps stay next to the trash can, throw the garbage into the trash can, we can add a clear beauty to the campus; there may be quarrels in the classroom of get out of class, just pay attention to it, just pay attention, and pay attention. You can avoid the talk of the swearing words, and you can avoid quarrels and enhance the relationship between students; in the classroom, teachers educate us to speak etiquette, civilization, and compliance from childhood. We use civilization to add a color to the Expo.
    has said in the Analects of Confucianism, "If you don't learn gifts, you can't stand." etiquette civilization has become an important part of our lives and an important link between people to communicate between people. The harmonious relationship between people, smile at people, do not talk nonsense, whether it is elementary school, junior high school, or high school, has become a firm remembering of our students. We show our best side and let overseas guests feel us. Sincerely welcome.
    We China is the state of etiquette. Whether it is men, women, and children, between etiquette, we can see our noble cultivation, noble character, to welcome the World Expo with a good etiquette, and welcome from all parties with a sincere smile. Guests, send out our most sincere sincerity to welcome the Expo. On TV, a large number of videos are often displayed, all about our strength during the World Expo to help others and beautify the city. His hands picked up the garbage abandoned on the street, and created a goodness of the city with his own hands; there were old people with inconvenient support for primary school students or volunteers when crossing the road, and they were all doing what they could. This is etiquette, this is civilization, allowing China to enjoy the reputation of "the state of ancient civilization and ancient country etiquette".
    The city makes life better. We use our own hands to create this beauty. On the day of welcoming the Expo, it is the best sign.
    The World Expo is not only a grand World Expo, but also a good moment for us to show civilized etiquette. The World Expo allows us to welcome it with the best civilized etiquette.

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