Coloured "wig pieces" are in fashion

What is a "wig piece"?

As the name suggests, it is a kind of headdress that can be used. It is understood that the conventional "wig piece" is produced through the fiber process, with different colors, lengths and curvature of the flake headdress, can be worn in the hair, visually have a fake effect.

Spring dress up lovely, how small got from "head" began? The reporter noticed that since Pantone released its spring/summer 2022 fashion colors, young consumers born after 1995 have started a bold pattern of "All in" hair colors. Guangzhou hair industry senior director JK told reporters, from the whole hair bleaching, to local highlights, and then to the application of color "hair pieces", the market acceptance of different things is more and more rapid, "there are a part of consumers even three forms of mixing, according to their attendance of the venue to follow the match, somewhat personality". In addition, some industry insiders pointed out that it is also a sign of Generation Z's commitment to environmental protection. After all, "wig pieces" are extremely recyclable.

d5aec5dcc0d86b424dc35d813a3f463dAccording to hair director JK, wigs really serve two functions: one is that they are known for embellishing hair colour, allowing them to 'dye' without moving the real hair; ​second, it is used to increase the amount of hair, extend the end of the hair. The purpose is to make the head look fuller, playing the role of modification.

Guangzhou COSPLAY's light rain tells a reporter, in the role play, although the head type of wig will be more convenient, the whole simulation effect is not as excellent as the local embedded wig piece, "there used to be on the stage when it is needed to use a wig, now out of the wig, I can practically feel the mood to choose clothes to wear, somewhat enjoyable."

In ADDITION, the reporter also UNDERSTANDS, at present more popular "wig piece" style includes having HANG ear dye wig piece, bangs wig piece, horsetail wig piece, especially with bangs wig piece among the most popular, is reported to suit the hairline is taller girl. By the beauty of its name says "bald girl's savior".

"Wig piece" wearing tips:

When using a wig piece, how can you achieve "the effect is natural"? Hair director JK suggests using the mini curling iron at home. Taking the amount of thickening as an example, the JK example can be divided into three steps.

First, use a curling iron to lightly perm the hair root part fluffy;

​two. From the tip of the ear to draw a half circle, the hair into two parts, the upper part of the first tie up, the first layer of wig piece clip the bottom half of the root; ​the upper part of the knot is split in half again, the second piece of wig is clipped to the bottom, and so on. Hair AMOUNT IS LESS GIRL, ADD TWO LAYERS OF WIG PIECE IS ENOUGH, WANT TO BUILD FLUFFIER EFFECT, IN THE SIDE SIDEBURNS PART OF BOTH SIDES ALSO CAN clip.

Three. Use a curling iron to loosen the root, the overall effect will be more natural.

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