He wore a finger of hundreds of millions of Qianlong in his hand, and the experts suggested to submit it. He said that 6 words made the expert silent! Why?

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  1. Manchu men, habitually wearing "pull fingers" at the thumb of the right hand. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the fingers were not injured when the fingers used to protect the archery; however, with the change of the dynasty, in the Qing Dynasty, the "pull finger" had become a symbol of status. A few years ago, a man claimed that he had the finger of Emperor Qianlong, which caused a sensation at the time.

    Qianlong Emperor Qianlong was born in 1711 and reigned for 88 years. He made outstanding contributions throughout the history of the Qing Dynasty. During his administration, he first chaotic the frontier, the territory was rectified, and in the thirty -eighth year of Qianlong, he ordered the compilation of "Siku Quanshu", becoming the most complete encyclopedia at that time. The most praised is that he exempted money and food. Qianlong has always been concerned about the people. During his administration, he had five times to avoid money and food, which was loved by the people.

    Although Qianlong is indeed a Mingjun, on February 12, 1912, after the Emperor Puyi of the Emperor Puyi of the Emperor Puyi of the Beiyang warlord, The entire Qing Dynasty was over. After all, history is developing forward. After that, the descendants of the royal family of the Qing Dynasty went away. Now, is this man who claims to have Qianlong's fingers, is it really the descendants of the Emperor Qianlong?
    In later, according to the genealogy of the Aixinjue Luo family found in the Qingzu Cultural Park in 2011, there are indeed records that when the descendants of the Emperor Qianlong did use the word "Heng" to take the name "Heng" to take the name of the name Essence And this seventh -generation grandson who claims to be Emperor Qianlong, named Aixinjueluo Hengshao. Therefore, after all aspects of confirmation, Aixinjueluo Hengshao is the identity of Qianlong's seventh grandson.

    On April 25, 2015, Heng Shao led many Manchu compatriots to gather together to conduct A great ancestor sacrifice activity. At that time, it can be said that it was the eyeballs of the masses. Later, everyone knew that the man was the descendant of the Emperor Qianlong.
    , the most remarkable thing was not the ancestor sacrifice event, but the finger that was worn on Hengshao at the time.

    soon, some experts come to the door. Faced with such rare cultural relics, experts naturally can't hold back the little excitement in the bottom of the heart. However, this finger is worth more than 100 million, and Heng Shao is naturally reluctant. In addition, this is a baby circulating on his ancestors. If he is gone in his hands, wouldn't he be spurred by the family. At that time, Heng Shao did not explicitly refuse, but just said 6 words: "I am a descendant of the emperor." The meaning in this remark is clear. This finger is something left by our ancestors from generation to generation. Will not hand over.

    In later, there are often people who come here to see the style of this finger. Heng Shao did not hide it, so he was generous. Fang's ones are showed. Many people are curious and always ask him why he is not handed over to the country, and he will answer it carefully. After all, it is the baby left by his ancestor. Moreover, Heng Shao will wear it every year. In fact, many people are puzzled by Heng Shao's behavior of not donating fingers, and even feel that Heng Shao is a bit selfish. For ordinary people, it may be just a cultural relic -level baby, but from the perspective of Heng Shao, it is a symbol of the entire family. Therefore, it is understandable that he does not give the fingers to the country.

    The words, in this matter, we are always just a spectator. As for whether the fingers are handed over
    , that's the matter of the parties. Although everyone's views are different, they only look at the problems from their respective perspectives. The interests involved are different, and the views naturally have different views. In 2002, the "Cultural Relics Protection Law" promulgated by the state has also clearly stated that inheritance of cultural relics in accordance with the law is a legal behavior. Therefore, although Heng Shao did not donate that finger, he was legal, so he respects his personal will. Just good.

  2. I am a descendant of the emperor. Inheritance of cultural relics according to my country's cultural relics protection law is legal behavior. Therefore, he is not allowed to be given to the country.

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