What are the clothing of Guangdong’s clothing tail goods wholesale market?

Please explain the specific address. Essence thank you very much! It’s best to tell how to go ==

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  1. If you are talking about this person, his lap is the latter five digits; 38928, that is, it is true, you can be reliable-OK. Most of the market styles of Pengyu Circle can have new styles every day. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Put the eggs in a basket! For small retail stores, one color, one code to one or two (set).

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 州 I. The cheapest tail cargo market in Guangzhou: The cheapest clothing in Ishii Guangzhou is the largest Tail market in Shijing in Baiyun District, a place called “Qingfeng”. It is the largest clothing wholesale market in South China. The vast number of and Jindong must know that although it is a tail, some goods are really low -quality and cheap. Qingyuan took a while. There are famous tail goods on Jindong, you must watch it! Go to Shiji Kyoto’s major tail route: take about 110 meters from the East Railway Station to the Guangzhou Railway East Railway Station to take the 841 (take 18 stations) and 280 (sitting 22 stops) Go down to Rongxi Station. Go to Shijing Street, Guangzhou Railway Station takes 228 to the terminal to get off at the terminal to reach Jinsong. Go to the provincial station, go to the nearby Guangzhou Railway Station, take off the car at Qingfeng Archway on 228, and then get a motorcycle. Many factories in Ishii are processed over there. Part of Ishii is also available in stock.宜 2. The cheapest tail market in Guangzhou: There is a large piece behind the west of the west station. I did n’t find out where I ’m specifically. I hope that people of knowledge will tell us clearly. Some of the goods in the west are also coming. 3. The cheapest tail market in Guangzhou: Guangyuan West is the Royal Dragon Clothing Wholesale Market. Those in the Canaan Costume wholesale Market, there are tail goods where there are ghosts. Those nigga markets are almost all tail goods.nYou can go to these three places! Compare again!

  3. Guangzhou, wholesale first city
    (can be found here)

    The most importantly, the most important thing is the supply. Where is the country’s largest commodity distribution center? There is no doubt that in Guangzhou, as large as a machine tool, a needle, you can find the supply in Guangzhou, and there are countless wholesale markets in all walks of life in Guangzhou. Novices who want to do business, do not listen to any on the Internet any The information about the wholesale online, they are just two or three vendors, or they are scammers at all. Prevent a scammers can be left -handed,
    It to get first -hand sources. The first is to find the manufacturer. The manufacturer cannot find the general agent (total batches). (Provincial approval), find it layer by layer, and you will always find the goods you want. If you are not afraid of luck, you want to get the style of the full price of low quality and good quality. Everything requires, and many of Guangzhou do wholesale is directly operated by the manufacturers, so the most in Guangzhou is the total batch, especially about the wholesale of daily necessities, such as clothing, shoes, leather goods, accessories, toys, electronics, dailyization, etc. Each one, each of which The industry has a dozen wholesale fields in a row, which will not be finished for a few days. There are so many styles to pick the eyes. With so many wholesale markets, why should you find the source of goods online? Go to Guangzhou for a trip, and you can set up the entire store to be full. The following is the situation of the wholesale markets of several industries in Guangzhou. Let’s talk roughly. You can go to purchase. Essence

    In walking out of the Guangzhou Railway Station. Ten dozens of kilometers are wholesale clothing, shoes, and leather goods. nThe white horse (opposite the railway station): Needless to say, the wholesale boss of the clothing city, the most mature women’s clothing, the price is the highest in the same wholesale market, the style is more mature, and there are many fashion styles. There are many women’s clothing brands in China (for example Singerbi) From here to a monopoly, so you want to find high -quality women’s clothing here.
    1 The first floor, the fourth floor, the women’s clothing on the fifth floor is better in both styles and quality, and the price is also high. Most of them are famous for large factories. Manufacturers and camping office buildings and general wholesale.
    2 The second floor, the third floor is mainly produced by some small workshops. The quality of the styles is not uniform. Each stall stands with several pretty girls desperately to solicit with you. The scene is spectacular. Novices please be stunned by this scene. Head ~ Because these pretty women are enthusiastic about each dress, and the “Western Effect Mall” under the white horse underground is mainly making women’s pants and small shirts. In the public, the sales volume is large.
    3 Sixth floor is mainly mid -to -high -end men’s clothing
    4 seventh floor warehouse rooftop garden
    n n red cotton step high (behind white horse): girl beautiful girl installation, medium price, many Korean Japanese women’s clothing wholesale wholesale The style is relatively avant -garde, fashionable, and the women’s clothing must be strolled, but the quality is also different. It depends on the level of your goods. There are many Japanese version of the pretty pretty on the second floor. They are all self -operated brands.

    The day horse (next to white horses): Uh, the unable to support Adou, the conditions in the ground are superior, and the next door with the white horse, but it is always unable to do it. However, retail customers brought by people from railway stations rather than wholesalers, but there are many office buildings on the fourth floor to the seventh floor. Go. Essence

    This flowing flower wholesale market across the white horse side, mainly low -end small shirts, T -shirts
    several small wholesale fields adjacent to flowers, all costumes are available, if you have time, you can also stroll around Maybe there is an unexpected harvest. Essence Essence

    The Guang Control Building (opposite the flowing flower market): It is mainly an office building of major manufacturers, the total generation, so if you want to get zero batch, you do n’t need to go. n
    Kangle denim city: All the general generations of jeans manufacturers, specializing in big packagers, that is, specifically provincial agents, so generally zero customers will not care about you, but do n’t talk about your words. Who will not do business if you have business, right?

    The new ground clothing city (on the road opposite the white horse): woolen sweater, knit sweater world, this wholesale field is mainly for this type of clothing, other types of clothing are not, there may be some parts, there may Children’s clothing, but not many

    The opposite new earth: one specializing in underwear and socks, the field is not big, but it is also professional, the other is a casual men’s clothing r r

    station West: There are several large wholesale venues in the provincial station, most of which are foreign trade goods, but they are all sports and leisure. Adidas is even more imitated, and many young men’s fashion brands from abroad are also imitated everywhere. What D

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