Where is the place where the gold bars are leaned at home from Feng Shui

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  1. Chinese contemporary Feng Shui master Tiande Master Week today:
    1, in the accurate financial position of the home, office, and store, settled the ingot or gold bars with a suitable time, with the dragon tortoise, or the five emperor money, or the golden toad, or the golden toad, or the golden toad Or feng shui ornaments such as 貔貅 (of course, different from the eight characters, not static), we can move forward our wealth and help our popularity, so as to achieve "Ding, Cai" good places. The third -floor villa in the countryside
    2, the anger, extension of the office, the office, the store, and the ambush of the Sanji Star position, settle down the ingot or gold bars with a suitable time, with the five emperor's money, or the peach sword, or the jade pleasure. , Or the Feng Shui ornaments such as the big elephant, or the unicorn, will be able to block the disaster, turn evil, and help prosper the fortune. In the course of seeking wealth and can reduce the troubles of noisy quarrels.
    3. On the middle Tai Chi dot of the home, office, and storefront, use a suitable time to bury or hang golden treasures or gold bars. Feng Shui jewelry and other feng shui jewelry such as the six -character mantra will inevitably maintain the family movement and Ding Cai.
    It specified:
    The Feng Shui deployment can help people and the first floor of the countryside design effect map. Its harm, this is not only unable to enhance the fortune, but is easily caught by various accidents, and the fortune is damaged.

  2. If you put it in our house, everything is good. Just kidding. According to the principle of Jin Suo Yuguan's Feng Shui, which is highly respected by the master of Yi Xue; the quality of a house should first see the environment around the house, whether it is consistent with the theory of Feng Shui. Secondly, see if the layout of the house is reasonable. The room mainly looks at the door, kitchen, and toilet. Jin Suo Yuguan pays attention to the cooperation of the high south and the north, the west and the east, and the other fourth house. This is called the dialectics of the eighth house. Put on the north and east.

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