3 thoughts on “Everyone said, where is the current recovery of gold jewelry?”

  1. 1. Bank. Banks generally only recover their own gold.

    . Focusing on the pawn business, the recovery price given is generally low.

    three, the recycling store on the street. Generally, there are less remote and not necessarily found. At the same time, we must pay attention to screening.

    . Internet recycling stores, this does not refer to recycling on Taobao. It is a combination of online and offline. Obtained online customers and transactions offline. There are also many routines and scams, and we must also pay attention to screening selection. Learn more experience before recycling and avoid the risks encountered.

  2. Gold jewelry has always been a very traditional jewelry. Whether it is marriage or birthday, they like to send and receive gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is very popular in the past, and gold is a symbol of identity.

    of course, until now, gold is still very popular.
    Gold is a traditional Chinese craft, yellow, representing the soil in the five elements, and the color of the emperor. Therefore, since ancient times, gold has been a symbol of wealth and kingship.
    In the West, people's love for gold comes from worship of the sun. Gold, like the sun, exudes bright light and color, so the ruling class uses this metal with a strong totem material as a common currency in the transaction.
    The source of Western civilization -Greece, love for gold is no less than our traditional Chinese.
    Golden jewelry is not surprising to the Chinese today. After all, with the development of socio -economic development, the Chinese are becoming more and more richer. They are no longer satisfied with their belly. Taste.
    In on the street, Lao Fengxiang, Zhou Dafu, Saturday Fook and other golden shops everywhere. So many stores also mean more and more people buying more and more gold jewelry at home.
    A general jewelry is worn once, once it is taken off, it will not be worn again; and many people only wear when they get married. Why? Because many young people think that wearing gold is "soil", most gold jewelry will be idle at home.

    It people will consider at this time. Anyway, gold jewelry is not worn anyway, it is better to replace it directly to cash, so that you can also supplement your home. Where can I recycle gold? How much does gold recycling!
    , but large counters gold shops do not do gold recovery business. The roadside shops recycle gold. The price is very low. It also needs to be deducted and deducted. A lot of it, not cost -effective. Is there any reliable gold recovery?
    We regular gold recovery, there will be no deduction, deduction, etc. We just calculate the actual weight of gold jewelry at the international gold basic price of the day. Our electronic scale is also certified by the quality supervision and inspection department. So please rest assured.
    Must when you sell gold jewelry, it is best to have an invoice, so that you can do it in your heart. Of course, you must ensure that the jewelry is regular and the items that come to the road will not be recycled!

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