1 thought on “What are the 10 articles in the moral lecture hall?

  1. Some of the ten in the ten articles of the moral lecture hall are to help others, see righteousness, be honest and trustworthy, dedicated, filial piety and love, and to do things in this way. The content is a process of love, improving the quality of civilization, and creating such a harmonious society.
    Then in the content of such a moral lecture hall, it is to regulate everyone’s behavior based on such a moral standard, and if you can follow some of the specific contents inside, the entire society will change the entire society. It is more harmonious, and the method in the moral lecture is mainly to listen to the content of the lecture and see the specific interpretation display.
    The also talks about your own feelings, and discuss some related issues, and so on. Therefore, there are these contents in the ten articles of the moral lecture hall.

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