5 thoughts on “Is gold jewelry recycling now? How much can you sell”

  1. There is no cost -effective to say that when you buy a high price when you buy a high price, you will naturally have benefits. When the price is high, choosing to start, it may be difficult to even lose money.

  2. Is gold jewelry recycling now? How much can you sell for a moment. I think that gold jewelry is more cost -effective no matter when it is recycled. Can be sold for 378 grams now. When recycling, the price must be dozens of dollars lower than this.

  3. At present, the real -time gold price of gold is about 367 yuan. Gold jewelry recycling is generally calculated at real -time gold prices.
    The recycling is not cost -effective, mainly depending on the price you bought at the time. If it is lower than the current price, it is still more cost -effective if it is sold now.

  4. The price of gold is changing every day. The price of gold recovery is recovered at the international gold price on that day. You can check the gold price by yourself before recycling. It is still very suitable for selling gold. You can compare the price when you buy it to see if you can sell it. The appreciation or depreciation is depreciated.
    The places can recycle gold. Gold recycling companies, pawn banks, and gold jewelry processing stores can recycle gold. Try to choose large platforms.

  5. Gold recovery is an unpopular industry, but the profession of gold recovery has continued since the era of the Northern and Southern Dynasties.
    Under the circumstances that the economic situation is not good this year, all walks of life continue to be downturn. After the new crown, the economy has fallen seriously, and many business has been closed one after another, but gold recovery has attracted explosive growth, and the gold recycling business has increased by 300%!

    The price of gold rose sharply because of one aspect. On the other hand, there are too many places to spend money on the other side. Many people choose to cash out these things. Therefore, the gold recovery market is very stable and huge.
    Many people want to sell gold, and where they want to buy, but the gold shop generally does not recover.
    Even if the gold shop is recovered, the price is quite low, and it will guide the selling of the golden people to change the new model. The new profit is 100-300 yuan per gram, while the recovered gold is 10-50 yuan per gram. On the other hand, if it is recycled by the store, it will give people the illusion of selling second -hand goods, and it will inevitably make the image of the store worse.
    So how does gold recovery make money?
    In three aspects, customer acquisition, receipt, delivery.
    In the first step to get guests: that is, find people selling gold. How do we find him? Add a group, modify the QQ group, WeChat group, and net name, let yourself be active, and those who want to sell gold will contact you. Now is the era of traffic, so we must also use traffic well.
    The second step receipt: mainly to distinguish the authenticity of gold. Generally, it is confirmed in your hand. One is the feeling of hand, and the higher the quality of the quality, the darker the color. There is also a fire burning method, which is to use fire to judge the goldenness of the goldenness.
    Wait until the golden cooling and cooling, see the color change, the color does not change the pure gold, and the black -haired ash is not pure gold. It can also be comprehensively judged according to the label hardness sound, etc., to determine the authenticity and purity.
    The third stage of delivery: Generally, shipping to peers or gold recycling plants, but it is important to support pricing and avoid risks.

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