2 thoughts on “The most practical gift for junior high school boys”

  1. (1) Watch: Boys like watches very much, which represents nobleness and can always have the concept of time. It is a gift that everyone has always been hot. Especially about 100 yuan, the price is not expensive but precious. It is the most suitable to send friends.
    (2) Pen: Even if he usually doesn't like to use a pen, he can be given to him. Gifts, focusing on the heart. Pen is a symbol of friendship. Since ancient times, it has been a bridge of friendship. When he saw the pen on the desktop, maybe he saw you, huh.
    (3) DIY newspaper: It provides his photos and materials, making newspapers or magazines for his birth, plus your close -up words, which is very valuable. Such gifts are very popular now, but you can only buy it on Taobao.
    (4) Fashion MP3/4/5: These digital gifts are now more popular, especially MP5, which has good quality, and friends will like it very much. Trendy and fashionable gift selection, if you have a lot of money, you can also consider digital cameras.
    (5) Digital camera: There are many digital cameras on Taobao on Taobao. Many are not expensive. You can buy one very well in three or four hundred yuan. s Choice. It can not only record the little bit of you, but also record a lot of good time, huh.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, hello, I have received your questions, and I am glad to answer the questions for you. Junior high school boys gift rankings.n1. One Piece Luffy Sauron full set of dolls Q version, dolls hand. 2. Stylepie style faction alarm, small night light 3, little devil creative Bluetooth headset. 4. Men's leisure sports chest bag. 5, creative LED trend, fashion watch, personalized student watch. 6, League of Legends customized crystals.n7. Custom NBA star crystal lamp. 8. Can be charged with a pen holder to protect the small table lamp. 9. Book of creative magic answers 10, Iron Man's full joints can handle models.nBleaknMore 2nBleak

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