4 thoughts on “How to maintain your daily decoration? What steps are required?”

  1. How can precious hand ornaments refer to the seven kinds of jewelry hand ornaments that are wearing the hands that are called "five emperors and one king and one king." "One king" refers to the jade king of jade. "One after another" refers to organic gem pearls.
    diamond hand decoration: Diamonds are close to oil. Try to avoid oil pollution when wearing. After wearing it for a period of time, such as oil pollution on the surface, in order not to cause diamonds According to the instructions, the diamond jewelry is sent to the jewelry shop every six months to make a professional cleaning. The jewelry chamber of commerce is more professional to clean the diamond ornaments, and you can comprehensively care for the diamond.

    Emerald hand ornaments: Emerald jewelry is different from other hand ornaments. The so -called "raising jade" is to wear it frequently. So the emerald is getting more and more moist, which will not cause water loss, dry and astringent. Wear emerald jewelry to avoid falling or impacting hard objects from heights, otherwise it will easily rupture or damage, avoid contact with acid, alkali and organic solvents. It is best not to play in your hands in summer. The appearance. There are also emerald jewelry to avoid high temperatures. Playing, steaming sauna, and removing emeralds on the strong beach, steaming sauna, and cooking, otherwise it will easily cause jadeite to lose warm moisture, make it dry, and shallow the color. The jadeite should be cleaned regularly, soak it in water for 30 minutes, wash it with a soft brush, and then gently wipe it with a soft cotton cloth.

    Pearls of pearls: Pearls are afraid of water. Do not take a bath and exercise with pearls. Water and sweat leak from the beads to the beads, which can easily cause the bead layer to break away. Pearls should not be exposed to exposure and high temperature environment. It should be placed in a cool place. Pearls also avoid oil, acid -base and chemicals, so do not wear dishes and makeup. Pearl jewelry must not be washed with water. Clean pearls with cotton cloth dipped in water and wipe it clean and dry naturally.
    In addition to daily maintenance, valuable head jewelry should also pay attention to: avoid collision with hard objects or violently hit the external force caused precious head jewelry damage; do not put it with other jewelry to prevent unnecessary wear; pay attention when wearing jewelry, pay attention Whether the gem is inlaid with loose dewood to prevent the gem from falling off.

  2. Gold jewelry with white vinegar and small soda bubbles for 20 minutes, it will brighten. Platinum jewelry should not be worn with gold as much as possible during the wear process. Gold is softer than platinum. The collision of two materials of jewelry may cause gold damage and make platinum jewelry lose gloss.

  3. Maintenance of Emerald Jewelry: It needs to be worn frequently. It is most afraid of high temperature. It will not be insufficient when encountering high -temperature water heads.
    The maintenance of diamond jewelry: It is a relatively hard mineral crystal. Although hard, it is easy to break. Do not do some strenuous exercise in gravity compression or collision, do not squeeze, friction, and some diamond oil, and it is easy to get infected with oil and become dirty. Wash it with warm water in time. Put the jewelry together to avoid rubbing and scraping each other.

  4. Valuable jewelry, such as gold jewelry, may become darker after a long period of wear, and even some places will become dirty and dirt. Then we can use some salt and vinegar to mix the gold jewelry and clean it after cleaning. Then wipe the moisture with a soft texture towel, so that you can restore the bright luster of the jewelry, and it can also extend the shelf life.

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