stainless steel designer jewelry wholesale Why is the first lady in the Philippines "Iron Butterfly", why is the ending of her later years sighing?

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  1. santa fe wholesale jewelry Her name is Imelida Marcos, who is a woman who loves beauty and has a complete confidence in her appearance.

    It said that in the wardrobe of her bedroom, more than 5,000 valuable dresses and more than 3,500 pairs of shoes are hung, most of which are from the hands of European designers. The activities were presented to the guests present, and the guests present were shining. To this end, Emelda had to change the new clothes at least 10 times a day, and the old clothes changed were often thrown into the corner of the wardrobe. I'm afraid it's hard to see the sun.
    The most incredible thing is her collected jewelry. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings are all available. Later, when the government checked the property, the staff was amazed: "This is too luxurious." Because their weight reaches more than 100 kilograms, hundreds of millions of dollars are not available if they are sold.
    Imelida is just the daughter of an ordinary teacher, but the most master is to change her life. So what kind of means to live such a luxurious life with such a means? After enjoying the rich and rich, what is her ending in her later years? Why do many people shook their heads when they heard her name?

    The on the shallots of Imelda.
    In July 2, 1929, in a private hospital in Manila, the Philippines, a large family was waiting anxiously outside the delivery room door, and the man with metal border glasses and Sis Wenwen had a cigarette. Then a pumping. Her wife came out in the delivery room with a heartbreaking shout, but he could only stay outside.
    It long, a baby's cry came out, and the man was ecstatic. This was his first child, and he must be very valued. But when he learned that a daughter was born, the joyful smile immediately took it back. In this era of soldiers, the girl must be a victim.
    Under the indifference and abuse, Emelda was 18 years old. At this time, it was already sturdy, becoming a famous "school flower" in the school, and there were countless pursuers.

    . Ymeerda was not interested in talking about love, because she had to work in the factory in my spare time except for the daily class and exchanged for tuition. His father disgusted himself as a girl and was unwilling to pay for himself for school, so everything needs to be self -reliant.
    Imelida once wrote in the diary: "Always hanging a smile on his mouth, always holding tears in his heart."
    is because of a strong character and optimism that she finally got the care of the goddess of luck.
    In autumn 1938, Imelida and his classmates signed up to participate in the local draft competition. When she puts on the race clothing on the runway, everyone's eyes focused on the past. The height, plump but not greasy figure, and the broken face of one meter seven, her own conditions conquered the judges, and eventually Pressing Qunfang won the championship.

    is because of this draft experience that Imelda has the idea of ​​making money by posture.
    . She sent her photo to the major newspapers, hoping to become the cover girl of their magazine, but the emails sent were all sinking. Think about it, who would use a girl with no experience at all?
    I. When Imelida wanted to give up, she received an invitation from a newspaper, which made her re -ignite her hope.
    The is the popularity of Emelida, and the major newspapers have threw olive branches, and she also won the championship again in the National Draft Contest held later, becoming the "goddess of dreams" of all men in the Philippines.

    April 20, 1954, is the turning point of Emelda's life. Formally a couple. We have said before that what Imelida is the best is to change his life, and this marriage actually adheres to the principle of equivalent exchange: one provides beauty and the other provides power.
    In the hard work of the husband and wife, Marcos' career has been booming, growing from the original parliamentary members to the speaker, from the part of the Liberal Party to the party leader, and finally sat firmly on the throne of the Philippine President.
    This to this point, the two have changed from the original husband and wife to a "partner". As the president, Macos established a dictatorship. As an important assistant, Emelda also frequently intervened in government affairs. Many At that time, Marcos had to listen to his wife's opinion. At that time, many people joked: "There is one president in the name of the Philippines, but there are actually two, one is Marcos and the other is Imelda."

    During more than ten years of rule, Marcos and Imelida used various means to search for people's fat. When the two just got married in 1954, the assets were only one dilapidated real estate, with a total value of only $ 10,000. By 1980, the total number of property hidden in the Swiss bank was as high as US $ 10 billion.
    In 1986, Marcos was re -elected as president for the fourth time, but before he was celebrated, he caught him out of the stage.
    Macos understood that the general trend had gone, and Imel reached Hawaii on the evening of February 25.

    The people think that the Macos and his wife will hide in the United States for a lifetime, but this is not the case.
    In 1989, Marcos died of a heart disease, and his last wish was to be buried back to his hometown. As a widow, Imelida wandered around, hoping to achieve her husband's last wish, but this demand was repeatedly rejected by the Philippine government.
    Fortunately, there are not a few supporters of Marcos and Imelida. Millions of people have stepped up the street to launch a petition parade, and jointly requested to pick up Imelda to return to the motherland and bury Marcos. Under the pressure of huge public opinion, the Philippine government finally approved Emelida's demand in 2016 to burial Marcos' spirit in the national hero cemetery.

    to this day, Imelida, who is in his 90s, often appears in the public's field of vision. She has revealed to the media more than once to prepare to run for the capital of the capital Manila.
    but her physical condition really made people sweat, and the corruption storm and luxury life of that year made the people very bad for her. If she wanted to continue in politics, I am afraid that she could not achieve her lifetime.

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