47 rockefeller center jewelry wholesalers Raptors trading Lowry exchanged young players. Why did the Raptors choose to swing?

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5 thoughts on “47 rockefeller center jewelry wholesalers Raptors trading Lowry exchanged young players. Why did the Raptors choose to swing?”

  1. story by davinci jewelry wholesale When I heard the news of the Raptors plan to trade Lowry, my first feeling is impossible, because no team will be stupid enough to trade the core all -star defender in my own team, especially after Lowry has never arrived in the Raptors, It has become the true totem of this team. However, in the thought of fine

    , the Raptors have always been able to conscientiously calculate and have the courage to make the cards. It really has a reason to do so! The Raptors of the season ranked fifth in the East with a record of 16 wins and 17 losses. Although the results still maintain a relatively high level, the actual competitiveness in the east is not strong. It is much stronger than those who insist on rotten, but the possibility of competing for the championship is basically zero. It is foreseeable that the Raptors will not be a championship team in the past two years, so they need to make certain adjustments to their team. From the current point of view, the team has basically identified the basic framework of the team consisting of the young Fan Jordan, Westa Kam and Annuobi, and the 34 -year -old Loury is obviously not necessary in the Raptors' future plan. One by one.
    It, from the perspective of Lowry's personal needs, he has made it clear in the previous report that he hopes to get a contract with an annual salary of about 30 million. And this is obviously unsatisfied with the future Raptors. And if Lowry wants to win the second champion of his career, then he must leave the Raptors. Because the latter's championship window has been closed, it may not wait until the next time it will be opened. The Raptors have stated that if the chips are generous enough, they will not rule out that they will trade Kyle Lowry to the team he wants to go. Praise. For the current two sides, Raptors traded Lowry to the team he wanted to go, which is undoubtedly the best solution.
    Lore, who was once selected for the All -Star, is a rare defending guard in the league. He is also the most outer player in the league to create offensive fouls. The Raptors won the championship, and Lowry's contribution was second only to FMVP Leonard. This season, Loori's injuries have a lot of absence, but even so can he still get 18 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 6.5 assists. Any team who wants to compete for the championship, if they can get Lowry, the grasp of the championship will be greatly enhanced. After the Raptors released the news, the 76ers, Heat, and Clippers' three teams showed their strong interest in getting Lowry, of which 76 and Clippers were popular this season. As the Eastern Championship last season, Heat has a bad condition this season, but his strength is still strong in the east. According to a source, Lowry likes to join 76 people, and the source believes that 76 people and Raptors may reach transactions.
    If the Raptors want to return his contribution to Locori's championship opportunities for so many years, it is best to trade him to the Clippers. Because both Belly and Luwei have only relatively single functions, the comprehensive ability of Lowry's offensive and defensive ends is more needed by the Clippers. When winning the championship together, Leonard was responsible for attacking the city on the court, and Lowry could control the situation regardless of whether he was on the field or under the field. When Lomori, the 76ers who already have Simmons are just icing on the cake, and the team's strength is difficult to have a qualitative leap. For the Clippers, which has always lacked reliable organizers, if Lowry joins, the team's strength will undoubtedly rise by another.

  2. stainless steel fashion jewelry wholesale Although the Raptors chose to trade Lowry in exchange for some young players, it does not mean that the current Raptors want to be rotten, but the Raptors know that after Leonard leaves the team, this set of lineups want to win the championship is whether it is the championship. It is very difficult, so the current Raptors just want to rebuild.

  3. wholesale cartier jewelry china Players are seriously aging and need to be rebuilt early. Although the Raptors play well, many players in the team have passed the year of playing, and the Raptors need to reconstruct the schedule as soon as possible.

  4. wholesale horse jewelry china I think it may be because they want to trade through Lowry in exchange for some more valuable players, and they also hope to have more young players to make their team stronger

  5. wholesale vermeil jewelry Because the Raptors have a good record, it is basically impossible to rush out of the east, and Lowry is 34 years old. He hopes to get a large contract or win the championship. possible.

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