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  1. Style transfers, value shaping words, trial transactions, light luxury styles, and price pressure.
    1, style transfers
    . For example, beauty, the luxurious style you said is really good, there are some broken diamonds next to the diamond ring, and the overall effect will be greater. However, you can also look at this style of flower style. Compared with the same 30 -point simple diamond ring, it looks like the size of 50 points. The overall effect of this style is also significant.
    2, value shaping
    , although the price of your hometown is much cheaper, because they are basically selling some old styles. In order to clean up the inventory, the factory will certainly be sold to them at a low price. We are more formal brands. Although the price is higher, our style is much more fashionable and novel.
    3, light luxury style words
    Compared with the simple style, this light luxury model is decorated with the side diamond, which does not look so monotonous. Wearing it in my hand, it immediately shows a noble temperament of a person. It happens to be more stylish with the clothes you wear today, which is quite fashionable. I show you a photo. Last time my old customers also chose this one.
    4. Try transactions
    . For example, I suggest that you choose your colleague to say good -looking one. I also think this is quite suitable for you. Those eight thousand or 10,000 are not necessary. This ring itself is used as decorations. The same budget, prefer to buy two, there is no need to buy one that is so expensive. The decoration itself is changed to wear.
    5, price pressure
    . For example, a beauty, so, the discount of our old customers was originally a minimum of 8.5 % off. Since you just buy it, you can buy it, then I can press 7.5 Give you a folding employee price, and it is also used as a reduction of one inventory, but this price cannot be less. If you still want to have less price, we won't talk about it. Next time you introduce your friends, I can give you gifts.
    Extension information
    1. Questioning to learn to perform closed -sex questions
    During sales Let customers answer some "yes" and "not" questions.
    Is when designing a closed problem, try to let customers answer "yes". If the customer answers "yes", then our sales can basically succeed.
    2. Differentiated who is the buyer and who is the decision maker
    sales to attract the attention of the decision maker. process.
    . For example: young couples buy things, mostly women are mainly women; middle -aged couples buy high -end supplies, mostly men are mainly men; old and young people come to buy goods. Generally, parents are money, decision makers, and children. Users of goods, influential.

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