1 thought on “How to write what the welfare is issued?”

  1. Welfare of benefits:
    The Mid -Autumn Festival is coming. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees' work and reflect the company's life care for all employees, the company decides to issue the Mid -Autumn Festival benefits. To celebrate the Mid -Autumn Festival, the company deliberately purchased a group of fresh fruits and the first -class moon cakes, which will be distributed at lunch. A moon cake entrusts the company's concern for all employees.
    The types of welfare given to employees with employees. According to recent surveys, the top ten welfares issued by the company are: provident fund, vacation and tourism, annual medical examination, corporate annual award or dividend, catering subsidy, health and medical care, health and medical care Internal and external training, car purchase or transportation subsidies, allowance and additional subsidy, corporate annuity or commercial insurance.

    The standard for distribution of condolences during the New Year:
    1. Excellent students (self -study) rewards for employee education.
    2, literary show, sports competition rewards.
    3, union member birthday condolences.
    4, union activities for food subsidies, night meal fees.
    5. Members of union expense organizations watch movies.

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