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  1. What are the most popular pet cats in the world?

    1, puppet cats, as the name suggests, it is beautiful and elegant, like a dog's personality, also called "Catal". The puppet cat originated in the United States and is the largest cat in the body and weight. It is docile, friendly, patient, and good at master. It is always inseparable from its owner, so it is on the top of the top ten most popular pet cats in the world.
    2, Scottish folding -folding cats, explicit gene mutations cause ears to bend, starting folding after three weeks of birth. Because Scotch folding ear cats were first discovered in Scotland, its position and body characteristics were its name. Scottish -folded cats are willing to be with others and express them in this unique peaceful way. Its lively, smart and intimate personality makes almost everyone who likes cats fall in love with it.

    3, Arthurra cat is very popular, and few people really have it. Arthurra cat is about 1.2m tall and weighs 13.6kg, extremely smart and docile, and is very loyal to the owner.
    4, Singaporea cats, among the top ten most popular pet cats in the world, there are generally three types of data for reference: cuteness, personality, price, Singapore cats are cute. It is petite, 1/3 or 1/2 of normal cats. It is very gentle and affectionate. It always likes to be with its partner. Because it loves cleanliness, this cat is very suitable for raising in an apartment.
    5, Persian cats, in the world of pet cats, Persian cats are an existence that cannot be ignored. It has a cute face, long and gorgeous back hair, and elegant manners, so it is called "prince in the cat" and "princess". The Persian cat has a docile temperament, a sensitive response, understanding, quiet, quiet and beautiful, and has strong adaptability to the environment. It is loved by cat lovers.

    6, Myanmar cat, Myanmar cat is famous for its round. It is round and fat, and it looks cute. There is a Myanmar cat at home. We can hear its sweet cry, and it is not clean and noisy. It is very friendly to people and can get along well with the dogs at home. It is humorous, expression, brave, clever, and coquettish, ranking seventh among the top ten most popular pet cats in the world.

    7, Siamese cat, Siamese cat, also known as Western cat, native to Thailand, is a very popular cat species. In daily life, Siamese cats have strong adaptability, strong character, witty and agile, curious, and understanding, so the owner will gradually become cat slaves. Under normal circumstances, Siamese cats need the owner to continue to caress and take care of the owner, and be loyal and affectionate to the owner.

    8, Bogan cat, Bogan cat, alias, Myanmar Holy Cat. It is said that it was first raised by monks in the ancient temples of Myanmar. He is regarded as the guardian cat of the temple and is one of the ten most popular pet cats in the world. Bogman Cat is smart, gentle, docile, very friendly, lively and playing, likes to be close to humans, and is also very friendly to other cats.

  2. The most popular pet cats in the world are blue cats, orange cats, puppet cats, Myanmar cats, etc. The varieties of these cats are very good, and their face value is also very high, and it is loved by many people.

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