56 -year -old Guangdong aunt “dominated” the American rap circle by selling the gold chain

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  1. Who is the most “hot” Chinese woman in the hearts of Americans? Is it Wei Wei? Or Fan Bingbing? No, it’s Tao Huabi! Her bottle of “old godmother” is not only well -known in China, but also exported overseas and conquered the American stomach. And in the hearts of Americans, who is the coolest Chinese woman? I am afraid that the Chinese aunt Eva Sam, a ancestor in Guangdong, is not free, but she is called the woman behind the American rap circle. Many famous rap singers in the United States are her good friends. Some people are still for her. Writing songs, and her circle of fans turned out to be a big gold chain.

    It in the rap circle on the east coast of the United States, there is a very popular Chinese aunt! Many rap celebrities and her take photos with her as a basic process must be observed; who did not consume hundreds of thousands of knives in her store, you dare not say that he is red. SAM.

    eva’s shop may be one of the places that are most likely to squat to the United States rap stars. Basically, the hottest rapper at the moment, all went to her store to call cards.

    The heavy popular big coffee Beyonce. It is said that her global tour, the jewelry of the entire team is set up in auntie.

    eva’s shop not only in the United States, but also attracted singers from all over the world. Even the “New York Times”, “VOGUE”, “Hypebeast” and other front -line media have also reported to report this The legendary Chinese woman EVA SAM, the trend brand Stussy invited the 56 -year -old aunt to create a gold necklace for her 2017 spring and summer shape.

    This can be said to be the most enviable person of rap fans and fans, none of them.

    Then why is Aunt EVA, a low -key and inconspicuous shop, can it be so hot? First of all, the four words summarize the “good people”.

    eva’s gold and silver jewelry is rich in types, with street style, mythical style, Southeast Asian style, and you can also customize personalized braces. Only you can’t think of it. And it is the first -class material of the whole city, absolutely conscience.

    At this point, Aunt Eva has to say that she treats every young customer of her like her child. Drinking plenty of honey lemonade and mung bean soup is also the health suggestion she must mention. Coupled with the hard work characteristics of the Chinese nation, Aunt EVA’s shop shipments are fast and professional, so they have a large number of returned guests and “tap water”.

    If it is said, the good quality of Aunt EVA’s shop is inevitable, then the combination of rap art is an opportunity. The reason why the Eva family can become a fashion sacred place in the minds of the rapper is inseparable from the “cargo” of rap coffees. The first batch of raps who came to visit by the shop was a member of the WU-TANG CLAN in North America at the time. After that, they also became the first batch of “tap water” of the EVA family. Big and other giant coffee brought it over, that is, from then on, the aunt’s shop began to get widespread attention from rapper.

    It, the rap has three treasures: sunglasses, hats, big gold chain. In 1988, the EVA family had just begun to make golden shops, and rap art has just begun to rise in the United States and the world. The fate of a golden shop and rap, which is also a very cute pair. But do you know? Why is a rap who has a fascinating love for the big gold chain?

    At the beginning, their purpose was simple and rude, just to show off wealth.

    Thenaponic culture is DJ Kool Herc, Jamaica, and he is different from the hip -hop musicians we imagined. He does not wear a gold chain or sunglasses. He has a good family. He lives in a large house with garden, and he also has the money to buy singers and records. But when this form of music enters the bottom of the United States, they like to wear a big gold chain to show off their wealth.

    This that really puts on the big gold chain is the famous old -fashioned rap group N.W.A. They were founded in 1986. They created bold and singing. 9 million albums were sold in the year, including Platinum sales records. It is a big brother of the new era of “bandit rap”. As a result, the image of wearing a big gold chain in the MV was also followed by many rapper in the later period. In this way, the big gold chain gradually became the standard for black rap.

    , but later people also found that the big gold chain “bling bling”, with the effect of flashing blindness, full of art tension, and the cumbersome image of rap; And what is the essence of rap? “Keep It Real”, keep real! People are full of desire. Instead of hiding, it is better to say loudly to the desire and put the big gold chain on their bodies. Is there anything more real than this?

    In the eyes of ordinary people, the big gold chain always feels a bit tacky and a bit bandal. Whoever put on it immediately feels that this person is not very good. Golden chain’s most frowned once. For those who are closely chasing the trend, the original meaning of the big gold chain may not understand, this is understandable, because you can’t ask everyone who buys LV to know the culture behind a bag, right? However, those who wear a big gold chain for showing off their wealth are not real at all!

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