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  1. Gold brand recommendation: Lao Fengxiang Gold Jewelry, Chow Tai Fook Gold Jewelry, Chow Sangsheng, Liufu Jewelery, Cuihua Jewelry.
    1. Lao Fengxiang Gold Jewelry
    Lao Fengxiang Yinlou is the only century -old shop that is passed down from a half century ago. Shanghai Laofengxiang Co., Ltd. comes from the development of Lao Fengxiang Yinlou, which was founded in 1848. The creativity of its trademark "Lao Fengxiang" also stems from the name of Lao Fengxiang Yinlou.
    2, Chow Tai Fook Gold Jewelry
    The Zhou Dafu Group is a strong private commercial group owned by Dr. Zheng Yutong and his family. About 80,000 people. The Group's business is mainly operated by two companies: Chow Tai Fook Enterprise Co., Ltd. -focusing on investment business; Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Gold Co., Ltd. -operating Chow Tai Fook brand diamond gold decoration business.
    3, Zhou Shengsheng
    The people think that Zhou Shengsheng is an international brand from Hong Kong, but in fact this brand was founded in Guangzhou. It was founded in Hong Kong in 1948 and became a listed company in 1973. It opened up the Mainland in 1994 in 1994. Business market. The name of "Zhou Shengsheng" has the meaning of "Zhou", which means "life", and "Zhou" is the surname of its founder.
    4, Liufu Jewelry
    The names of Liufu Jewelry are very festive, and they are loved by many people, and have superb jewelry technology. Procurement, design, wholesale, trademark authorization and retail business of gold and platinum jewelry and jewelry products. At the same time, there are jewelry appraisal centers and professional training colleges.
    5, Cuihua Jewelry
    Cuistrin Jewelry is a family of ancient brand history. It was born in 1895 AD and always established in the pioneer of modern Chinese classic royal jewelry art. With the classic, fashionable and innovative design style, it perfectly interprets the rich connotation of national jewelry culture. It is favored by modern consumers. It is also the world's first jewelry brand to enter the Forbidden City and is loved by the Northeast.

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