Talk about some considerations about Led point light sources

The application of LED point light source is extremely significant in the field of lighting engineering. An led point light source is a pixel point. Multiple point light sources are installed. At the same time, the addressable strip led lighth com can be synchronously cascaded between multiple buildings and shapes at a distance to cooperate with each other, presenting a highly creative and splendid light show.

led point light source uses led cold light source, built-in microcomputer chip, can be programmed control, multiple synchronous changes, tiny size, excellent environmental performance, safety and stability, seismic, excellent impact resistance, strong directional, quick response time, high luminous efficiency, abundant light color, no flicker, no ultraviolet, excellent brightness adjustable, It is the ideal decorative lamp for building, bridge outline, hotel, billboard, curtain wall and night scene lighting.

Points for attention of led point source:

1, do not install the lamps in corrosive environment;

2. ​turn off the power before installing or removing the exterior led point light source;

3, before switching on the power supply should first confirm the positive and negative wiring of the lamp is correct;

4. ​please confirm whether the positive and negative terminals of the lamp are properly connected before switching on the power;

5, in the installation of external wall led point light source, please do not pull the wiring head of the lamp;

6. ​if the external wall led point light source is not bright or damaged, please find professional technicians for maintenance;

7. The power supply connection of each series of external wall led point light source is typically 50 points plus one power supply, otherwise too numerous wires connected in series will consume voltage and affect the brightness of led

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