5 thoughts on “Is the buy it now Pendant aoa99999 bought by Zhou Dasheng pure gold? Why does it only write "full gold" on it? What does it mean?”

  1. It is not pure gold. Although the gold content of full gold is 99%, the gold content of pure gold is 100%. Pure gold does not contain any impurities, so Chow Tai sang aoa99999 is not pure gold

    the jewelry brands of pure gold are as follows:

    1. Lao Fengxiang: China's famous trademark, China's famous brand, national inspection free product, and top ten gold jewelry brands

    2. Chow Tai Fook: China's famous trademark and top ten gold jewelry brands

    3. Cuihua: China's famous brand, China's famous trademark, and top ten gold jewelry brands

    4. Baitai: China famous brand, Zhejiang famous brand, top ten gold jewelry brands

    5. Longjin: China's famous brand, China's famous trademark, and top ten gold jewelry brands

    extended data

    due to different uses, the required fineness is different, or because there is no purification equipment, it only melts and does not purify, or the purity is not enough, forming gold with different fineness. People customarily divide mature gold into pure gold, red gold and colored gold according to its fineness

    1. Gold with high purity after purification is called pure gold. Gold generally refers to pure gold with fineness of more than 99.6%

    2. The meaning of red gold and pure gold are similar, but the standard of red gold is different due to different times and places. The gold sold in the international market with a fineness of 99.6% is called red gold. And the red gold in the territory is generally between 99.2% and 99.6%

    3. Colored gold, also known as "secondary gold" and "tide gold", refers to gold with low fineness. Due to the different content of other metals, the fineness of these gold is as high as 99% and as low as 30%

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  2. The gold with purity of 9999 purchased in the gold jewelry store is only marked with full gold, because from May 4, 2016, the gold jewelry sold in the market will no longer have the title of "thousand full gold", and all will be unified as "full gold"

    the amendment list issued by the National Standards Commission is also the fifth amendment to gb11887 since it was formulated in 1989. It amends the purity of four types of precious metal jewelry, namely, gold and its alloys, platinum and its alloys, palladium and its alloys, and silver and its alloys. Even if its purity reaches 999.0 ‰, its highest purity can only be called sufficient (gold, platinum, palladium and silver), and its precious metal content is not less than 990 ‰

    extended data:

    Article 19 of the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of gold and silver stipulates that an entity applying for the operation (including the processing and sale) of gold and silver products, chemical products containing gold and silver, and the recovery of gold and silver from waste residues, liquid wastes and wastes containing gold and silver must, in accordance with the relevant provisions and approval procedures of the state, be subject to the examination and approval of the people's Bank of China and the relevant competent authorities, Only after registration and issuance of a business license by the administrative department for Industry and commerce can business be conducted

    Article 20 business units must operate in accordance with the approved scope of gold and silver business. They must not change the scope of business without authorization, or embezzle, misappropriate or purchase gold and silver in the course of business

    reference source: People's Daily Online - National Standardization Commission: the title of gold and other ornaments will be abolished next year

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