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  1. Precautions for buying gold wedding jewelry
    1. It is better to buy gold wedding jewelry from a regular business. Don't be greedy. Go to some small businesses or cheap places. It's just one marriage. Regular businesses are safer to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in future married life
    2. It is better to ask the merchant for an invoice with the name, quality and weight of the jewelry. For future inquiry
    3. Simply identify your gold wedding jewelry by weighing, checking, listening and arguing, so as to prevent merchants from buying imitation gold jewelry for you
    4. Carefully check whether the accessories have burrs, whether the chain body is straight, and whether the buckles, joints and ear clips are safe. In order to make the clasp of the bracelet, the joint of the earrings, the ears and other parts more solid, the quality of these parts should be lower
    5. Choose according to your age, temperament, body shape and purchase motivation. At present, most of the jewelry sold in stores are from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, which are characterized by novel styles, beautiful and generous appearance, but not necessarily high purity; There are also ornaments produced in Zhejiang, whose styles are more traditional, but their gold content is relatively high
    6. Jewelry sometimes turns white when worn. This is because there is a chemical reaction when jewelry comes into contact with cosmetics, shampoo, detergent or mousse. Therefore, during the wearing process, it should also be less in contact with cosmetics. Once it happens, you can ask the store to solve it with an invoice. When storing jewelry at ordinary times, it is best to use soft cloth to package each jewelry separately to avoid friction and loss.

  2. -Question time: January 29, 2015
    the best answer: it is not recommended to buy diamond rings, because they are inferior to gold in quality, and we do not understand the quality of diamonds at all. It is flashy. If it is gold, it can be changed when the style is old, and there is no need to paste too much money. be flexible

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