The difference between a semi-physical doll and a physical doll

What does a half-body doll look like?​

The semi-solid doll is the head, the hands and feet parts are tough plastic, and the remaining parts are an inflatable doll resembling a life buoy balloon.

What is the concept of a semi-entity doll? It is the upgraded version of an inflatable doll. Where is the difference? Difference is that a layer of silicone skin, hands and feet are a bit like, can only say that earlier than the inflatable hand and foot is a fine point, ball head and silicone skin, better than the early plastic, businesses take on a treasure to promote these when entity dolls, cheat somewhat all don't understand the tiny white, because white door you and he said he understood the inflatable doll, and he said he also understand entity doll. So here we have the erotic rose.

Entity doll great should most people understand that you all understand, so it takes you to the real doll great imagination, but cash-strapped again, now out of the entity and a half to you, then known as low said this is a real doll with version, propaganda means nothing but lighter than entity dolls, inexpensive, is better than inflated, between dolls and entity dolls.

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Half entity and full entity are totally different things, the so-called half entity doll, in fact, is a sex doll, but the head, hands and feet and other parts are tough plastic. The remaining part is a balloon that resembles a life buoy. The PRICE OF HALF ENTITY DOLL AND INFLATABLE DOLL DO NOT HAVE VERY LARGE DISTINCTION. THIS KIND OF PRODUCT THAT DOMESTIC PRODUCTION IS IN 200 YUAN COMMONLY THE FOLLOWING.

The physical doll, on the other hand, is a totally different product, with a metal skeleton, spongy muscles and simulated silicone skin. This kind of product does not need to inflate, the appearance is realistic, extremely attractive. But at the same time, the price is also extremely high. Japan and the United States, the more famous entity doll manufacturers produce products in the country, which are typically more than 60,000 yuan. Even if it is a domestic entity doll, the price is tens of thousands.

How to use a semi-physical doll

1, although the role of sex doll seems to reduce the transmission of sexual diseases from the surface, if numerous people with a sex doll, and disinfection is not strict, the same will infectious diseases. Therefore, it is suggested that the use of "inflatable dolls" should be used for their own exclusive use.

2. When inflating the inflatable doll, do not fill it up in order to feel great and relaxed. In this case, if the force is overly large, it is easy to lead to the bursting of the inflatable doll.

3. After using the inflatable doll, in order to keep the body hollow, it is recommended to use the inflator to suck out the body gas and make it compressed into a thin layer for the next reuse.

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