Application of HDPE drain pipe in siphon roof drainage system

In the siphon system, the drainage pipe at the beginning of the use of metal, with the progress of technology, began to appear a variety of different materials. In all the materials of the drainage pipe, HDPE material with its light use, strong corrosion resistance and other advantages stand out, gradually replaced other drainage pipes, in a variety of siphon drainage systems is widely used.

Today, China HDPE parts factory is here to talk with you about the application of HDPE drainpipe in the whole siphon drainage system.

In life, we all have experience, if it rains outside, even if the sound insulation effect of the house is extremely excellent, the drain pipe will periodically emit a really terrible Gu dong sound, this is the use of gravity drain pipe, when the water is large enough, because of the gravity pressure, in the drain inlet will produce large pressure, water can not fall, can only include a lot of gas into the pipe, The bubbles carry water with them, which chafes against the walls of the tube, causing a loud sound. And because the water is continuously affected by the top pressure, the flow rate is very low.

HDPE siphon drain pipe will not have this problem, in fact, as long as the understanding of siphon drainage PE pipe, they will give up the use of gravity drain pipe, because the gap is too obvious.

The biggest difference between PE pipe and general gravity drain pipe is that when the drain is at a large flow rate, with the same drainage diameter, the unit drainage area of PE siphon drain pipe is almost 80% larger than that of gravity drain pipe, and PE siphon drain pipe does not need to make platform inclined plane. As long as the water level exceeds the top line of siphon drainage, it will produce siphon phenomenon, the nearby water source will be "sucked" into the drain pipe, which on the one hand can improve the drainage capacity, on the other hand, because the water into the drain pipe is sufficient, so there is no gas doping in it, so when the water flow, will not produce turbulence, the formation of turbulence will lead to two bad results, The first is that there is a lot of noise and vibration in the pipeline.

The structure of HDPE siphon drainpipe and gravity drainpipe is not very different, in the whole drainage system is composed of rain hopper, rain suspension pipe, rain riser, rain buried pipe, and the siphon drainpipe is siphon, the core is the rain hopper, PE siphon drainpipe rain hopper has excellent rectification function, At its rated design flow rate, the rainwater tank is in the submerged discharge state, so there is no problem of infiltration of bubbles.

Siphon drainage pipe before the bucket depth is tiny, thus the rain will easily flood the discharge state, therefore the application of siphon drainage pipe roof drainage system, equivalent to a stable pump installed on the roof, continuously pumping the top of the water into the drainage pipe, and from the discharge pipe is full of pressure flow state.

The inlet of the siphon drainage pipe of the drainage system is tiny, thus even if the rainfall is not large, it will still produce the effect of vacuum siphon. Only when the rainfall is particularly tiny, because the rainwater bucket has air infiltration, the vacuum in the drainage pipe is destroyed, the drainage system will be transformed from the state of siphon into the state of gravity flow, and the working condition of the siphon pipe is the same as that of the gravity drainage pipe.

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