What is the difference between platinum ring and platinum diamond ring

If you are engaged to buy that kind of suitable, we are not wealthy, as if the two differences are very big, but my girlfriend said she likes platinum diamond ring, what should I do?

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  1. 1. Platinum rings and platinum diamond ring are the same natural white precious metals, which are pure and rare and precious. According to national precious metal jewelry standards, only platinum can be called platinum, and other white -colored metals cannot be called platinum.
    2, platinum ring is a naturally formed valuable metal; white 18K gold is made of gold and other metals. The two metal components are very different.
    3, the difference between platinum rings and platinum diamond rings is relatively large. In addition to the different metal components and different signs, the weight of the two is different. The same size proposal diamond ring, white 18K gold will be lighter than platinum.
    4, platinum's proposal diamond ring ring can be engraved on the sign that symbolizes its identity and later indicates the purity, such as: "PT950"; the sign of the white 18K gold is AU750, 18K or G750.
    5, the scratches on the platinum ring only move the metal, which will not reduce its volume, and the scratches on the gold will bring wear and reduce the volume of gold. If the platinum (Platinum) does appear to the naked eye scratches, the qualified jewelry dealers can resend it for it.
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  2. Platinum rings containing diamonds can be simply understood as platinum diamond ring.
    The engagement is generally recommended for platinum diamond ring. Diamonds and love and marriage are even greater.
    The classification of platinum rings can usually be divided from purity and style.
    PT950 platinum ring refers to a platinum ring with extremely high purity, otherwise it is not a pure platinum ring.
    The platinum rings mainly reflect different uses from the style, such as men's rings, women's ring, wedding ring, couple ring, etc.
    The platinum ring selection skills First, the choice of platinum ring should master some tricks
    Platinum ring jewelry purchase. First of all, you should go to a professional store or a large -scale business building to purchase qualified precious metal jewelry. The professional quality and service level of these stores are more secure, and even if disputes occur, it is easy to solve properly.
    Secondly, when purchasing the platinum ring, pay attention to the appearance of the jewelry
    The surface of the jewelry should be smooth, no machining, scrape, hammer and other processing traces, no burrs, sand eye, stomach, cracks and mixed processing and other obvious processing Defects; strong welding, no virtual welding, leakage and obvious welding scars; reasonable design, such as small hooks with heavy chains or large hook with fine chains in the accessories.
    Third, the choice of platinum ring should carefully observe the imprint of the accessories
    The precious metal jewelry imprint should be clear and easy to identify. The content must include the name and content of precious metal materials. Such as "Thousands of Gold", "G18K" of gold jewelry, "foot platinum" of platinum jewelry, "PT950", "foot silver", "S925" of silver jewelry, etc. The mark "18kgb" means that the jewelry is gold -plated jewelry rather than precious metal accessories. The imprint "18K Platinum" indicates that the jewelry is 75%of the platinum jewelry with a gold content instead of platinum jewelry. Consumers should pay special attention when purchasing valuable metal jewelry.
    Fourth, the purchase of platinum ring must pay attention to the precious metal content (color) of the jewelry
    The color of valuable metal jewelry is detected by experienced inspectors using large precision instruments or complex chemical analysis methods. Various professional stores (examples: Diamond Jewelry) are generally attached to inspection proof of authoritative inspection agencies that consumers should pay attention to inspections when purchasing valuable metal jewelry.
    Fifth, weighing weight re -test should be performed on the spot when buying a platinum ring.

  3. There must be a difference between platinum ring and platinum ring. Platinum and gold are different materials. Because platinum is rare, the market is higher in pricing. Gold must also be divided into gold content, for example: 24K, 18K, etc., different gold content, the price is different. I used to customize the platinum ring of Le Vis to my wife. I mainly like the meaning of their brand. I only love one person throughout my life.
    Compared with platinum, the hardness of gold is relatively soft. Even if you use your hands, you can bend the gold. But gold and platinum have extremely stable characteristics, and their corrosion resistance is very excellent. The most seen on the market is the thousands of gold, and the thousands of gold is the so -called 999 gold, that is, the gold content of 99.9%of the gold. Because the gold is relatively soft, it has also been restricted by the handling of work, and its processed styles are generally very simple. Gold was used as making jewelry in ancient times, so its history is very long.
    The history of platinum is very short compared to. It was not discovered and used by the world until the 18th century. Compared with gold, platinum resources are more scarce than, so its actual value is also very expensive. Platinum is also more widely used, but more complicated refinement than gold has become a small trouble for platinum. Like gold, his chemical properties are also very stable. Even in extreme environments, it will not change easily, and platinum will never fade. The biggest difference between the two is the hardness of platinum than golden cakes, which means that they can make some more complicated styles of public welfare. And due to hardness, gold is not suitable for inlaid with some other gems. Platinum is not the same, and its combination with the diamond was once called the jewelry product closest to love.

  4. At present, it is a great misunderstanding of a platinum ring to friends, that is, the misunderstanding of platinum believes platinum and confuses the two. And many people do not know how to use the "PT" logo to identify platinum jewelry.

    In fact, platinum and platinum are completely different. The name of Platinum is derived from the Spanish "Platina Del Pinto", which is translated as a white metal similar to silver in the Pinto River. The metal made of platinum elements minerals, including gold, gold, platinum, and gold. Generally, platinum is melted from platinum ore such as natural platinum and rough platinum ore.

    This is a rare valuable metal that is mainly composed of platinum or all composed of platinum, which is equivalent to valuable metals as gold and silver. Generally said that the whole name should be "white K gold". It is a platinum -free white alloy melted from gold and other white metals. Regarding how to maintain platinum jewelry, please refer to the introduction of the article "Platinum Ring Maintenance Method".

    Among them, the percentage of gold is up to 75%. Because this alloy is white, it is called platinum. According to different platinum content, platinum can generally be divided into three types: pure platinum, tadpole platinum and K platinum (white K gold). Pure platinum hardness is small. In order to increase hardness, it is necessary to add a certain percentage of valuable metals such as 钯, 铑, and 铱. PT950 contains 5%of 铑, 0, and 铱, and the hardness is still relatively low, which is generally used in plain platinum jewelry.

    PT900 contains 钯, 铑, 铱 10%, hardness is just right for inlaid jewelry. At present, most platinum rings are made of PT900; but there are also a few manufacturers to make platinum rings with PT950.

    In nature, platinum reserves are scarce than gold. The annual output of world platinum is far less than gold. The global jewelry industry is only 3%of gold consumed in the world. Coupled with the high platinum melting point, pure melting platinum is more difficult than gold, and energy consumption is higher. Moreover, processing platinum requires a higher level of technology than processing gold.

    therefore, platinum is a more rare and precious precious metal than precious metals such as gold and silver. Platinum is more expensive than gold.

  5. This is a 22 -point platinum diamond ring. The price is 7189. This is a 35 -point platinum diamond ring. The price of 9879 is more expensive. It is difficult to buy a platinum diamond ring at 3600. Yes, but the drill will not be large. It is estimated that it is around 10 points. If you are lucky, you will buy 15 points. After all, it is platinum inlaid, not K gold inlaid. The cost is higher. It only takes more than 3600 points in 6 points, but the diamond is too small. The 12 points are about 5000, and the diamonds are not big. That's why the diamond ring is a luxury! There are 3 types of platinum, PT900, PT950, PT990, which represent the purity in turn, but in recent years, 900 platinum has been rare. Most of the merchant jewelry is PT950. The price of 950 in different gold shops is between 350 and 450. You can buy a very good vegetarian ring (without diamonds) around 1,000 yuan, but more than 1,000 rings are not very large, and the ring is quite thin. Platinum ring can refer to drilling and without drilling. The platinum diamond ring must have diamonds.

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