3 thoughts on “What does it need to be coffee!”

  1. Hand coffee requires filter cups and filter paper, so as to have the best steaming and extraction effect. Put directly on the cup will seriously affect the extraction.
    Coffee can promote metabolic functions, activate digestive organs, and have great effects on constipation. Coffee can increase high -density cholesterol, accelerate metabolic bad cholesterol, reduce coronary atherosclerosis, and reduce the chance of stroke. Drinking a cup of black coffee after a meal can effectively turn the skin white. Black coffee can also promote the cycle of cardiovascular and hypotension patients to drink a cup of black coffee every day to make them better. In the process of cooking coffee at high temperature, an antioxidant compound can also be produced, which helps anti -cancer, anti -aging, and even prevent cardiovascular disease, which can be comparable to fruits and vegetables. Bleak

  2. Hand -punching pot, filter cup, filter paper, coffee cup, grinding bean machine, stopwatch, preferably electronic and thermometer, you can go to the coffee!

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