1 thought on “What does it mean to have two mesh networks with an iptv”

  1. Two Mesh networking of an IPTV is the meaning of MESH networking single line reuse.

    TV on the one hand using computer or set -top box TV to complete the functions of receiving video on demand programs, video broadcasting and online surfing. You can have a viewing effect close to DVD (usually DVD's video transmission bandwidth requires 3MB/s), which is very strong for future video business such as Internet video live broadcast, long -range real video on -demand, program production, etc. Advantages are a brand new technology concept.

    A digital TV has many technological innovations compared to simulated TV, but it is only a change in signal form. It does not touch the way of communication of media content. Digital TV is based on cable digital TV networks, and IP TV passes through through through. The telecommunications network adopts an interactive network TV business of the IP protocol transmission program.

    For the relationship between "IP" and "TV", the traditional radio and television industry usually understands it as the "IPTV = IP TV" mode, that is, in this implementation method, IP business and TV The business is completely independent and parallel in Cable; the traditional telecommunications industry is the opposite. The implementation method is "IPTV = TVOverip" model, that is, all businesses including TV are carried on the IP.

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