1 thought on “What does HKD mean hkd? Is HKD Hong Kong dollars?”

  1. 1. HKD is Hong Kong dollar or Hong Kong dollars, and it is a legal circulation currency in Hong Kong. According to the Hong Kong Basic Law and Sino -British joint statement, Hong Kong's autonomy includes the power to issue currency. Its formal ISO 4217 is referred to as HKD (hong Kong dollar); it is marked as HK $.

    2. Hong Kong Financial Administration and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong HSBC Bank Co., Ltd. and Bank of China (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. It will be announced that the 2010 HKD Bank's new banknotes will be launched. Hong Kong has established a contact rate system linked to the US dollar. The US dollar held by foreign exchange funds has provided support for the stability of Hong Kong dollar banknotes.

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