The central bank's Cao Chunhui commemorative coin Mother's Day is issued. What is the design of the commemorative coin?

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  1. Commemorative coins are legal currencies issued to commemorate some important events, outstanding figures, and historical culture. Among them, the commemorative coins of precious metals cannot be circulated. Since 1984, the People's Bank of China issues commemorative coins every year, so the gold and silver commemorative coins will be launched in 2021. In 2021, 7 auspicious cultural gold and silver commemorative coins, including 3 gold and silver, 4 gold and silver.
    5G "Extending Life" gold commemorative coins -mainly deer and flowers on the back, with a maximum circulation of 5,000 pieces. Saying this "good will extend" is a long -standing auspicious story. There is no great connotation, but it has a good significance. From Xunzi: "If you get the hearts of the people, the good will extend your life", which means that happy/optimistic people can live healthy. The familiar idiom "Village Cao Chunhui" is from the ancient poem "You Ziyin" from Mengjiao in the Tang Dynasty. We have recited from a young age: "But how many loves have long grass, and report to Sanchunhui." Although this poem is simple, the emotions are sincere So thousands of years have been widely praised. This idiom comes from this, and it is also used to describe the kindness of parents and the difficulty of children. 3 grams of heart -shaped gold commemorative coins "piano color lotus" back pattern is combined with two types of birds, trees, and fruits, with a maximum circulation of 20,000. 30g heart -shaped silver commemorative coin "piano color lotus" sleeves decorated with lily, women's delicate little hand gently strokes the sachets on the back, the background is SE, and the maximum circulation is 30,000. The theme of piano and Ming is the theme of love, which means that the husband and wife feel good. From "Poetry Xiaoya Tang Yan": "Wife is as close as a drum." We use the harp and sound smoothly, which means the same as it, such as deep, beautiful, harmonious, and so on.
    Papon Ping An is also an ancient auspicious saying. From the Tang Dynasty "The Continuation of the Drama of the Poyang Miscellaneous Drama": "There is a bamboo in the Tongzi Temple of the Beidu Wei, only a few feet long. It is said that its temple is quiet every day. . "It is used to report peaceful letter from home. These are four design concepts, that is, to extend life with the heart, to celebrate the spring, sing with music, and report to peace with bamboo. Four themes of happiness. Commemorative coins have specific themes and special meanings. The theme of the central bank this time is auspicious. In fact, since 2015, the central bank will issue auspicious cultural gold and silver commemorative coins every year.

  2. On the front, two swans and one big one on the top. The opposite is a pictograph that is wrapped around a few words, and is marked by the People's Republic of China.

  3. The design is particularly exquisite, and it also adds elements about Mother's Day. The production is also particularly good, and the craftsmanship is particularly good.

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