In the early beginning of the month, the company will make a batch of gift U disks. I don’t know where there is a gift U disk manufacturer.

At the beginning of next month, the company will participate in a batch of gift U disks. I do n’t know where there are gift U disk manufacturers. Intersection Thanks!

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  1. The recommendation of May Day Gifts
    The arrival of Labor Day has also set off a fierce promotional activity of merchants. Various labor festival promotional gifts play an important role in the entire promotional activity. Then this Labor Day promotion What is the use of gifts and how to apply it?
    Maising is a way for merchants to change market conditions and increase sales. In recent years, the pressure of competition has intensified and promotions have been staged frequently. The attractive promotion method can open this situation, and the promotional gifts have emerged.

    The promotional gifts are gifts issued to consumers through various methods during product sales. There are three forms of distribution:

    1. When buying a product, you will give the corresponding gifts (you can buy large and small, buy major products to send peripheral gifts, give distinctive new strange small gifts, etc. );

    2. Participate in the lottery after buying the product, and you can get a gift of great gifts;

    3. When you buy the product Product -related supporting products.

    Masculating promotional gifts often to stimulate consumers to buy or repeat purchase. Therefore, pay attention when choosing a promotional gift.

    Fors to consider the need to consider the promotional gifts

    1. The target audience: cultural background, age, preference, habit, consumption power, etc.;
    2. Enterprise Internal conditions: corporate philosophy and brand concepts, promotion goals, management status, intended to invest funds, personnel conditions, etc.;
    3. Market factors: sales channels, products entering the period, mature status, regional characteristics, etc.;
    4. Promotional factors: appearance, material, technical level, work quality, use performance, etc.;
    5. Time factors: promotion timing, design cycle, production cycle, transportation cycle, seasonal characteristics, etc.
    6. National policies and laws and regulations.

    So what is the choice of promotional gifts for the Labor Day?

    1. Conquesting the festival background. The choice of Labor Day promotional gifts is itself a specific premise of festivals. As long as it is not very contrary to this theme of this festival, catering to the theme of the festival is to better pull closer to consumers.

    2. Confrad to the product. The principle of correlation is that the selected promotional gift and the product itself have a certain correlation or complementarity, that is, consumers need or must have this gift to use or better use the product.

    3. It must be practical. This makes consumers feel a piece of money, which really gets two products.

    4. Novel. It is also to better attract consumers' attention.

    Mailed promotional gifts do you think?

  2. Gift U disk is very suitable to send customers, which can print the logo of its own business in the appearance of the U disk. You can also put the video or document of the company in the U disk. Well, we seem to be determined in a "eight -armed gift" company. You can search for "eight arms" or "Gift Commune" on Baidu to find their website. Essence

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    u disk mainly includes rotating USB flash drives, blue and white porcelain U disks, LOCS multi -color U disk, and business standard U disk

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