1 thought on “How to do the game software for Pinduoduo”

  1. 1. Open the application of the Pinduoduo Merchants, click the login/registration option on the upper right.
    2. After that, click the option to open the store 0 yuan.
    3. After clicking, enter the mobile phone number and verification code, and click to settle immediately.
    4. After entering, in the prompt pop -up, click the option immediately, and complete the certification according to the requirements.
    Puoduo merchants want to open virtual category products. In addition to following the admission requirements, there are many category requirements that invites merchants can be opened.
    The classification of virtual commodities in operating "game generation" and "game account" virtual commodity classification still needs to be invited by investment promotion.
    If attention
    1. Probably proper commodities are prohibited from pretending to be formal products (if it is indicated that it is a hero skin, the use of a lottery is prohibited from replacing it). If such circumstances occur, the platform will follow the platform agreement and platform rules. Create illegal treatment;
    2. It is forbidden to guide users in any way to add friends through WeChat, QQ and other stations. If such situations occur, the platform has the right to immediately remove the product and follow the platform agreement and platform rules to violate the rules. Treatment;
    3, the lease period must not be released for the leased game account rental product with more than 15 days (from the merchant's delivery);
    4, the game account sold by the merchant must support the user to fully modify the information and bind its mobile phone to the mobile phone. ,identification number.

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