How to buy hand -punch coffee equipment? What should Xiaobai pay attention to coffee in the pit?

4 thoughts on “How to buy hand -punch coffee equipment? What should Xiaobai pay attention to coffee in the pit?”

  1. Why do hand -punch coffee is more and more popular with everyone. In addition to enjoying the delicious and rich coffee deliciousness, it is more to experience the process of brewing. During the brewing process, the beauty of the appliances and the change of coffee. And that peaceful time.
    Seweds must be used to enter the pits: 1. The basic function of coffee called coffee is the weight of coffee powder weight and brewing chronograph, although some senior coffee veteran can be called with the feel and experience without coffee. It can also be completed, but for Xiaobai, who has just experienced hand coffee, a easy -to -use coffee is called a must. At first glance, the coffee is said to be the same as ordinary electrons, but in fact, there are more time -time functions, and more advanced ones will have a flow rate and brewing guidance prompt.
    S selection suggestion: Choose a model of about 200 yuan, focus on the face value, four -corner measurement error and battery life.
    2. Handmade grinding bean machine grinding bean machine is a tool for grinding coffee beans into powder. This is also necessary. There are two types of electric and manual. It is recommended to choose manual, not only the price is more affordable, but also manually can experience the fun of brewing.
    S selection suggestion: Mainly focus on three technical parameters: (1) fine powder rate (directly affect whether the extraction is uniform and affect the taste); (2) whether it saves effort; (3) face value.
    3. At the beginning of the hand rushing the pot, it was a normal kettle, but it must be noticed that you must use a special hand punching pot. This directly affects the brewing experience into the coffee taste! A good coffee hand not only has a face value, but also can easily control the size of the traffic. It should be comfortable and effort to get started, and the capacity of the kettle should be moderate.
    S selection suggestion: The pot design is very important, light control is the real use. Of course, the face value design should also be paid attention to. Together with other coffee appliances, it will become a center, considering the coordination with the size, shape, texture, and color of the whole set of appliances. At present, the price difference between the brands of the hand jumping pot is large, with more than 800 and 900 foreign brands, and 100 and 200 domestic net red pots. Novice enters the pit. It is recommended that about 200 domestic hand -made hand -punch pots.
    4. Filter cups and sharing pots were originally two different appliances, but I said it together. It is recommended that friends who enter the pit buy a set. The filter cup and sharing pot of the set not only ensure consistent materials and styles, but also avoid the problem of not matching the cup.
    S selection suggestion: Glass set of about 200 yuan, this price can only be selected to the domestic brand, but it is enough. It is recommended to share the capacity of the sharing pot above 500ml, and it is enough to entertain friends with exclusive or more.
    5. Filter paper and filter paper will also affect the color and taste of coffee. If the filter paper is not good, there will be residue, then it will directly affect the taste of the finished product.
    S selection suggestion: Considering environmental protection and safety, do not use bleach filter paper, and do not choose adhesives to seal the edge filter paper. In addition, pay attention to the performance of the filter paper. There are imported ones and domestic ones, but the price of good quality filter paper is actually similar.

  2. First of all, be sure to choose a regular brand. It takes more money to grind in the suit. To buy a better one. If you use your home, you must choose a smaller volume with a smaller dynamic static and easy storage.

  3. If you do n’t have a hand -made coffee device, you can charge it yourself. When you fill it yourself, as long as the water temperature is suitable, the proportion of coffee and water is the most appropriate.

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