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  1. The diamond ring is 0.2 grams. Due to the different cutting processes and inlaid methods, many 1 carat diamonds look different. Taking a standard circular diamond as an example, its diameter is 6.5mm, which is equivalent to the size of an ordinary Chinese pencil.

    is the heavy unit of diamonds. According to the current standard, one carat is equal to 0.2 grams or 200 mg. However, due to the different cutting processes and inlaid methods, many 1 carat rings look different. The standard round diamonds are willing to be willing to be 6.5mm in diameter, which is similar to the size of the cross section of the Chinese pencils we use daily. But for other shapes of diamonds, the diameter is different. For example, the diameter of 1 carat heart -shaped diamond is 6.5mm, 1 carat princess square diamond edge length is 5.5mm, 1 caratdine diamond diameter is 4.75mm, 1 carat -shaped diamond diameter is 5.5mm, 1 carat 1 carat The diameter of the oval diamond diamond is 6.5mm, 1 carat -tip -shaped diamond diameter is 5.5mm.

  2. Carat "-carat is the weight unit of diamonds. Under the same situation of other three C (color, clarity. Cut), the price of diamonds is proportional to the weight. The greater the weight, the higher the value. ) = 0.2 grams (g). Divide one carat average one hundred copies, each of which is one point. -0.39ct, 0.40CT-0.49ct, 0.50CT-0.69ct, 0.70-0.89ct, 0.90-0.99ct, 1.00ct-50CT, 1.50-2.00ct (each level is separated by a comma, not a level Even if the difference is one point, the price will be much different, which is why it is 0.48 ~ 0.49, 0.68 ~ 0.69, 0.88 ~ 0.89 ... How big is it, calculated according to the standard circular diamonds, the diameter of 1 carat diamond is 6.5mm, but the actual diamonds that are actually available are always small in diameter. There are even 6.0mm. We can think that the 1 -carat garden -shaped diamond is like the horizontal section of our daily pencils. The shape of the diamond is different and the size will be different. Millimeter, but a princess square diamond length is 5.5 mm. The other shape diameter of the one -carat diamond is: 5.5 mm pear -shaped, 6.5 mm oval, 6.5 mm heart -shaped, 5.5 mm of the oscope, Rendien Form 4.75 mm.
    In the diamond how to look bigger? To highlight the diamond, a smart way is to reduce the other parts as much as possible.
    Tame. Diamond is known as the "King of Gem". It is the most precious gem in the world and one of the most favorite gems. Worship and fear, at the same time, regard it as a symbol of bravery, power, status and nobleness. "Diamonds are long -lasting, a forever spread."
    So diamonds can also invest in in addition to wearing.

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