druzy jewelry wholesale india 10,000 yuan for 10 years, buy gold bars, or buy gold.

druzy jewelry wholesale india

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  1. cheapest jewelry wholesale china alloy 1. Good to buy gold bars. There are 100,000 yuan in cash. If you don't do anything and put it directly at home, it will be 100,000 yuan after 100,000 yuan. If inflation is considered, the purchasing power of 100,000 yuan after 10 years is estimated to be about 7.5 yuan. However, if these 100,000 yuan are used for investment in wealth management, for safety reasons, we will invest in some low -risk wealth management products. Based on 4.5%of the annualized return rate, we will invest in compound profit. Essence
    2. Recently, international gold prices have skyrocketed, with a three -month increase of 17%, a monthly average increase of about 5.6%. Therefore, many people think that investment gold is more cost -effective than using cash for other investment. But in fact, the price of gold is very unstable and fluctuated. International economy, geopolitics and some emergencies may affect the rise in international gold prices.
    3. Therefore, after 10 years, international gold prices rose or fall. No one can give accurate judgments, but we can infer the rise of international gold prices by referring to the 10 -year cycle of the past decades. From July 2010 to June 2020, international gold prices rose from about $ 1180 to about 1720 US dollars, an increase of 45.7%, but this yield is still lower than the yield of using cash for other financial management.
    4. At the same time, we also saw that from 2013 to 2019, international gold prices were basically lower than $ 1,500. If it was not for the global new crown virus epidemic in 2020, it is expected that the price of gold will be maintained at about $ 1,500, which is equivalent to 10 potential rate of international gold prices of only about 27%. This return rate is lower than that of cash for other financial management. Of course, everyone bought the gold at the end of 2015. At that time, the international gold price was around $ 1050, so the cumulative yield of gold will exceed 70%, which is higher than other cash financial management.
    5. What is the return of gold investment? There is no fixed answer to this, because the price of gold is very volatile. It is possible that your yield yesterday is still 10%, and tomorrow may drop to 5%. However, from the perspective of the average rate of return, I personally think that the same 100,000 yuan is used for other investment. After 10 years, the yield will be higher than investment gold. Seeing this estimate, many people say that they should consider inflation and say that gold can resist inflation. In fact, it is not necessarily, because gold resist inflation, and it needs to be exchanged for cash after 10 years. Therefore, after 10 years, gold is more valuable or cash and more valuable. It depends on which income after 10 years of discounts and which is more cost -effective. This has nothing to do with inflation.

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