How to turn the semi back

​Normally semi back reverse is the opposite direction, when the right back, the steering wheel to the left, does not kill the direction at the beginning, semi back is a one-sided correction, when the tow board right back foot into the street, as soon as possible to the steering wheel, make the body back. Let's learn about it together with Custom semi trailer manufacturers.

Semi-trailer reversing tips:

1, all the semi-back is the opposite direction, and in the back of the back must first put the car's sense of distance and sense of direction. This is crucial. In a backwards, we must observe the mirror (because we can only see one side of the mirror can not see both sides, but also look at the left mirror) or the direction of the person behind the command.

2, for example, reverse to the right, you as a locomotive, must be the direction of the left, remember to see the distance between the right hind foot and the road intersection, do not kill the direction at the beginning, half hang is also side inverted side correction.

3, looking at the tow board right back foot into the street, this time in the direction to play faster, as soon as possible to let the body come over. Remember this time think about the left side of the rear corner. If not, it is best to pull up a, in the back.

4, calm down and slowly astern, safety first, irritable mood can affect you back, back to back, such as the back of the time when the body slightly to the right in the back wheel, the car or car is, if not, under their direction to go, back to the left of the same, remember don't rush.

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