Musk breaks silence on Aliens, in fact they may have been on Earth

Aliens have become a hot topic after the US government held the first public congressional hearing on Ufos in decades. However, the final argument is that they still don't understand what a UFO is, what the government calls an object or life commonly associated with extraterrestrial life. But on aliens, Elon Musk has his say!

Elon Musk is the CEO of spaces and currently the richest man in the world. Musk is a space enthusiasm.​ He believes humans must be ready for interstellar space travel at anytime. And today, he's asking arguably the most crucial question of all: whether aliens have ever visited Earth via Ufos. What does Musk mean by claiming he's all over the world as far as aliens are concerned? Put simply, aliens may have created a simulated version of our universe, but this is a claim that most scientists reject!39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài

In the scientific community, there are numerous conflicting arguments about whether life could exist beyond Earth. Some scientists believe that life could exist on different planets, but only as microbes, because there is currently no conclusive evidence for life beyond Earth, therefore the scientific community has refuted Elon Musk's unidentified object phenomenon.

d8966ae96cd48f6a201f379d658605d2At the World Heads of Government meeting in Dubai, Musk fielded questions about artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, interplanetary travel and everything else the tech industry is obsessed with, while also engaging in a minor discussion about the possibility of alien life, saying he believes aliens exist. Musk thinks aliens on Earth in 10 years could happen in the next 10 to 20 years. On whether he believes in extraterrestrials, Musk said it's likely there's life outside Earth. "It's a huge question in physics and philosophy," Musk suggested. "Where did all the aliens go? ​Perhaps they're among us. I'm not sure some people believe I'm alien, which I'm not, but I'm sure I'd say something like that, wouldn't I?"

Truth be told, the possibility that Musk is an alien has been discussed, and while he's not an alien, he has every right to be one because his wealth allows him to do so. Musk thinks that if there are super-intelligent aliens out there, they'll likely observe us. It is likely that there are advanced civilizations in the galaxy interested in interstellar travel that could develop the ability to travel at about 10 percent of the speed of light and fill the entire galaxy with envelope calculations in about 10 million years or so, a lengthy time but nearly negligible in terms of the age of the universe.

But it's not impossible for scientists to dismiss Musk's claims. But it turns out that looking for aliens is a waste of time, since it's difficult to locate planets with life with our technology. Elon Musk said in a 2019 speech to spacex employees that there could be additional life out there, but we haven't seen any signs of it, and the U.S. government's UFO report released in June doesn't give us any further information about aliens, but there's a lot going on in the sky that the government can't explain.

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