I'm afraid the Japanese will have to be sterilized. Otaku only love sex dolls

According to the Sun, the Russian News Network recently ran a program on the Japanese obsession with sex dolls, which is not just a phenomenon in Japan, but a growing trend.

Sex doll manufacturer (Dutch Wife) says more than 2,000 of the 128cm doll, which costs 4,600 pounds, were sold in Japan last year alone. Nobuku Tanaka, another Japanese businessman who sells sex dolls, says she just loves the feeling of holding them.

He said, "You may have problems having sex with your wife, but you don't have problems having sex with a sex doll."


Moru, an Asian sex doll user, also said he carried a sex doll home after his wife died. "I don't feel lonely anymore when these dolls come to my house. Thank them very much," Moru said.

But Kaornanko Amano, a demographer at the NLI Research Institute in Tokyo, said: "The biggest problem facing Japan right now is the declining population and birth rate, which is really a national disaster right now!"

Amano said: "Japan is now at a crossroads, very likely to face the crisis of extinction." Amano and other experts agree that there is a strong link between the declining birth rate and the growing acceptance of sex dolls.

Along with the progress of science and technology nowadays, sex doll industry booming, has been in production, partner robots, men said, "and do the housework, chat with you, can contact to get married, presumably, in the tens of thousands of yuan", "so I think buying a robot partner should soon be so easy, like buying household appliances, generally affordable".

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