How about the seismic resistance of the ceramic filter plate?

Ceramic filter plate is made of silicon carbide, corundum and additional items through special processing technology into a different type of filter medium. It is also known as ceramic plate, ceramic filter membrane. Ceramic filter plates have been widely used in mine concentrates. The mechanical strength of the ceramic filter plate is extremely strong, and the chemical performance is stable. The wear resistance is also extremely excellent, even in the resistance is relatively tiny, therefore the seismic capacity of the ceramic filter plate?

The better the tax shock function, the more durable the filter board, the better the quality. The tax shock resistance function refers to the resistance function of the ceramic filter board to the damage caused by the measurement of rapid shift. In the process of using the ceramic foam filter plate, the ceramic foam filter supplier requests the user to gradually transfer the filter plate to the measurement of the filtered aluminum melt before using the filter plate. However, since some users do not abide by this rule when using the filter plate, after placing the filter plate, as soon as the heat transfer is stopped, the filter plate is required to have a certain tax shock resistance function.

597ba34e2786b0a0fcd707ed132e4d11For the ceramic filter board tax shock resistance function of the internal, according to the characteristics of the foam ceramic filter board to formulate. How about the seismic resistance of the ceramic filter plate? The basic process of the experimental method is to transfer the heating furnace to ten degrees Celsius for fifteen minutes, and then transfer the test sample to the furnace at a rapid speed and maintain it for thirty minutes. Then open the furnace door, quickly move the sample out of the oven, so that it is exposed in the atmosphere of artificial icing. This process is repeated five times, inspection sample can emerge broken, broken and lack of angle and other vipassana shortcomings, if the sample appears any of the department of shortcomings, indicate that the tax shock resistance of the goods is not excellent, and vice versa.

The seismic capacity of the ceramic filter plate is extremely excellent through the above answer. Its seismic capacity is measured by standard experimental methods in our country.

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