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  1. Regarding the detailed steps of Taobao store opening, teach you how to open an online shop quickly.

    The first step is not on the Internet, but in your mind

    do you need to think about what kind of shop you want to open. In this regard, there is no difference between opening the online store and traditional stores. Finding a good city to taste your products is the cornerstone of success.

    Step 2, select the store opening platform or website

    You need to choose a website that provides a personal store platform and register as a user. This step is important.

    The websites will require registration with real names and ID cards. When choosing a website, the popularity and whether the charging and the charging situation are all important indicators. Many platforms now provide free store opening services, which can save you a lot of gold.

    The third step, apply to the website to open a store

    You must fill in the classification of the products provided by your own store in detail, such as you sell fashion watches, then it should be classified as "jewelry The "watches" in jewelry, watches, glasses "so that your target users can accurately find you. Then you need to give a striking name for your own store. Netizens click on which shop in the list, depending on whether the name is attractive. Some online stores show personal information and should be filled in to increase trust.

    The fourth step, the purchase

    It can be purchased from the channels and platforms you are familiar with, and control costs and low -cost purchase is the key.

    Step 5, log in to the product

    You need to fill in the name, origin, place, nature, appearance, quantity, transaction method, transaction time limit and other information of each product On the website, it is best to match the picture of the product.

    The name should be as comprehensive as possible, highlighting the advantages, because when others search for such products, only the name will be displayed on the list. In order to increase the attractiveness, the quality of the picture should be as good as possible, and it should be as detailed as possible. If you need to mail it, it is best to declare who is responsible for the postage.

    but the starting price is too low to have the risk of the final transaction price, so the seller is best set up the reserve price at the same time, such as the destruction of 105 yuan as the reserve price to ensure that the product will not be lower than the cost and be bought and walked away. Essence Another disadvantage that the starting price is too low is that you may imply that you are willing to sell the product at a very low price, so that the auction is hovering at a very low price.
    If the seller feels that the waiting time for the auction is too long, you can set up a price. Once a buyer is willing to pay this price, the product is immediately sold. The disadvantage is that if a few buyers are interested, it is impossible to support the price. The seller should use these settings according to their specific situation.

    Step 6, marketing promotion

    In order to enhance the popularity of your own store, marketing should be properly promoted in the early days of opening a store, but it is not enough to be limited to the Internet. Various channels below online and Internet are promoted together. For example, the "hot product recommendation" position on the page with a large pages on the website, bold the product name on the product classification list, and increase the picture to attract the attention. You can also use ads that do not spend money, such as exchanging links with other stores and websites.

    Step 7, service

    Is when customers decide whether to buy, it is likely to need a lot of information you did not provide. Reply in time and patiently. However, it should be noted that in order to prevent sellers from private transactions to avoid transaction costs, many websites will prohibit buyers and sellers from providing any personal contact information on the Internet, such as mailboxes, telephones, etc., otherwise they will be punished.

    Step eighth, transaction

    After the transaction, the website will notify the contact information of both parties and conduct transactions according to the agreed manner. Methods, but as soon as possible, to avoid the other party suspecting your credit. Whether it provides other after -sales service depends on the previous agreement between the two parties.

    Step ninth, evaluation or complaint

    Credit is a very important factor in online transactions. In order to jointly build a credit environment, if the transaction is satisfied, it is best to give the other party. And get the praise from each other through good service. If the transaction fails, a bad review should be given, or complaints with the website to reduce losses and warn others. If the other party complains, it should be handled as soon as possible to avoid stains for their own credit.

    Step 10, after -sales service.

    News need not be said. Perfect and thoughtful after -sales service is a very important bargaining chip for the long -lasting business. Keep connect with customers differently and do a good job of customer management.

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